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TATA General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The 11th Finance Commission has projected that if all its recommendations were accepted by the year 2004-05, the fiscal deficit of the Centre would come down to 1 4.5% 2 3.5% 3 2.9% 4 7.5%

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Chemical Disaster Prevention Day was observed on which of the following days? 1 December 4 2 October 13 3 December 14 4 October 23

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Westside Stores is an enterprise of 1 Aditya Birla Group 2 Tatas 3 Raymonhg 4 None of these

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Which company has become the first Indian company in the automobile and engineering sector to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)? 1 Maruti Udyog Ltd. 2 Mahindra and Mahindra 3 Hindustan Motors 4 Tata Motors

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Name India?s first listed IT firm to have crossed $1 billion turnover. 1 Infosys 2 Satyam 3 Polaris 4 Wipro

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. Who among the following ladies wrote a historical account during the Mughal period? (a) Gulbadan Begam (b) Nurjahan Begam (c) Jahanara Begam (d) Zebun-nissa Begam

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During sleep, the man?s blood pressure 1 Decreases 2 Increases 3 Fluctuates 4 Remains constant

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Red blood corpuscles are formed in 1 Liver 2 Small intestine 3 Kidneys 4 Bone marrow

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atomic agreement between america & india

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Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?

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how many branches are there in bank of india?

12 18020


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rana pratap sagar is famous for

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who is the chief minister of Delhi ?

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who was the first cm in uttrakhand.

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TATA General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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