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TATA Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the three basic rules of accounting?

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Choose the right answer when we send Credit note to the supplier we have to credit 1.purchases 2.supplier 3.Other income

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How to pass journal entry for vat return entry

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What is the difference between Receipt & Payment Account and Income & Expenditure Account?

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What is the journal entry for Stale Cheque?

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What is the difference between Manufacturing Account and Trading Account?

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What are the main Reconciling entries in Bank Reconciliation?

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Mr. A purchased a car worth of rupees 2,00,000 on cash than what would be the entry

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What do u mean by CTC.

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when is real ,nominal, & personal a/c's used

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Why Banking companies didn't show EBIT in income statement?

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how to work on CMA form in manufacturing compay as well as how to analysis working capital ?


What is Accout Payable and receible

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TATA Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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