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What is your objective

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What is your objective..

Answer / ajeet kumar savita

my objective is get a post in ur organisation with great
responsibility where i can put all my potentials.and i want
my growth with the growth of organisation.

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What is your objective..

Answer / shooukatali sahreef

My objective is to reach my targerts and to give
satisfaction with my work to my superiors

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What is your objective..

Answer / sundeep

My objective is to be a part of an organisation wherein I
would be able to utilise my skills and experience gained
over the period of years staying aligned with the companies
overall objectives.

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What is your objective..

Answer / guest

to be placed in top management team..

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What is your objective..

Answer / gaurav maan

My objective will be to satisfied our potential coustomer
and my superiors.

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What is your objective..

Answer / oparaocha iheanyi justin

My objective is to pursue a rewarding career in any
organization that offers broad scope challenging
opportunities and room for growth.

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What is your objective..

Answer / amitpkshukla

To enrich my vigour and knowledge to get greater insight in
the field of sales and marketing..

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What is your objective..

Answer / guest1

to work with the best intrest of organization and to
acheive personal as well as professional growth.

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What is your objective..

Answer / pratiksha acharya

To be a well skilled professional to provide the best
accomplishment to the concern by exhibiting all the
abilities & talents according to my qualification & skills.

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What is your objective..

Answer / amit singh

My objective is a successful person and ricpactet position in your industry

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