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APPSC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following hills is the southern most hill range in India? 1 The Nilgiri Hills 2 The Annamalai Hills 3 The Nallamalai Hills 4 The Cardamom Hills

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Washing soda in water behaves 1 Alkaline 2 Acidic 3 Neutral 4 Basic

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India has been divided into how many PIN code Zones? 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9

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Which of the following awards is given for Agricultural Research? 1 Dr.Homi Bhabha Award 2 Ramon Magsaysay Award 3 Borlaug Award 4 Shanti Swrup Bhatnagar Award

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The supersonic jets tend to cause (a) Destruction of ozone layer (b) Sound pollution (c) Nervous system breakdown (d) All of the above

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. The founder of Boy Scouts and Civil Guides movement in India was (a) Charles Andrews (b) Robert Montgomery (c) Richard Temple (d) Baden Poweli

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. The Anti-Defection Law was enacted as early as 1979 in (a) Kerala (b) Jammu and Kashmir (c) West Bengal (d) Tamil Nadu

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The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is 1 Carbon 2 Silicon 3 Hydrogen 4 Aluminum

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home rule momment


Hi, I want to prepare for Group-2 exams. So, can anybody help me by sending the current affairs useful for this.

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Shall I get previous question papers of Junior lecturers posts with hindi subject

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who is india preministar

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How many times can the President of India return a money Bill, passed by Parliament?

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