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Mecon General Aptitude Interview Questions
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If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed.

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A finishes a work in 12 days and B finishes same work in 14 days.If they work for a day alternately with A beginning, how many days will it take to complete the work?


A fuel dealer mixes two brands of fuel which cost in the ratio 2:3 A solution of 30% Brand A with Brand B yields profit of 10% when sold at RS 297. What is cost of brand B?


Adam stands facing towards northwest direction.He walks 61 m and then turns southwards and walks another 60 m. How far is he from the starting point.?


Dinesh is seated 7 from the left and satish is seated 12 from the right. when they interchange their positions, dinesh is seated 22nd from the left. How many people are there?


How is the father of the man ,who is the brother of the only aunt of my brother related to me?


In 1978, a kg of paper was sold at Rs25/. If the paper rate increases at 1.5% more than the inflation rate which is 6.5% a year, then what will be the cost of a kg of paper after 2 years?


In a class of 60 boys, 45 like pizza, 30 like burger and 5 like neither. Find number of boys who like both?


The age of the grand father is the sum of his three grandsons.The second is 2 year younger than first one and the third one is 2 year younger than the second one. Then what will be the age of the grandfather?


The diameter of a wheel is 1.26m. If this wheel rotates 500 rotations, how long it can travel?


The main line train starts at 5.00AM and the harbor line train starts at 5.02AM. Each train has the frequency of 10 minutes.If a guy goes in the morning at a random time what is the probability of he getting main line train?


What is the probability of getting 3 or 4 in 3 consecutive rolls of a dice ?


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