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ME Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the different between earth leakage relay and earth fault relay?

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how do prepare ongc is it question model.i am electrical. which part covering in electrical.tell me


At site, we have 30Kw motor (3 phase, 400V,50Hz) and FLC 54A as per the nameplate. At the time of starting it draws 840A instead of 390A (7.2%). As per the data sheet also its 390A starting current. it thru a dol starter from the MCC. can anyone tell what is the problem in the motor

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plz explain TSM and PSM.with example suppose ct ratio is 4000/5 and tsm is .15 and plug is at 3.75 if fault current is how i find relay oprating time.

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Hi to all... I Want Weight Details of the alternator for making free power energy.


what are the types of starter ?

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one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2..


How to find the maximum load that can supply by a particular(say 315kva) KVA rated transformer?

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How to find the maximum load(in KW)in a big industry, having motors,lights,lifts etc..?

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How to find the maximum load, that can be supplied by a transformer.....

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Star & delta kis principale pa hai.

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what are the particle used along with silica gel in transformer breether,explain their functions.

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what is deffrence between squirral cage and wound rotor in IM?


y we use neutral,all r told its used to for closed path..k its a just used to closed path,in a transmission line y we put same conductor used n both phase and neutral..if we use less than phase conductor in neutral mean we ll reduce cost its right r wrong..if we use mean any problem occur in transmission line..


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