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ME Interview Questions
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how many header file is in C language ?

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Predict the output or error(s) for the following: 25. main() { printf("%p",main); }

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main() { clrscr(); } clrscr();

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enum colors {BLACK,BLUE,GREEN} main() { printf("%d..%d..%d",BLACK,BLUE,GREEN); return(1); }

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void main() { char far *farther,*farthest; printf("%d..%d",sizeof(farther),sizeof(farthest)); }

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main() { int i=400,j=300; printf("%d..%d"); }

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main() { char *p; p="Hello"; printf("%c\n",*&*p); }

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main() { int i=1; while (i<=5) { printf("%d",i); if (i>2) goto here; i++; } } fun() { here: printf("PP"); }

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void main() { int i=5; printf("%d",i++ + ++i); }

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void main() { int i=5; printf("%d",i+++++i); }

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#include main() { int i=1,j=2; switch(i) { case 1: printf("GOOD"); break; case j: printf("BAD"); break; } }

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Why we have to write test cases?.any specific reasons......

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hi i done IBM AS/400 course .....i want to certification any one can information about that and material of soft copy for that....please its urgent


Please send previous kvb clerical exam model question papers

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who is the father of oracle and send chodd rules

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