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ME SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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FACTORING RTE=TKSOLL Set RTE-TKAU** Subtraction RTE*KGENAU Multiplication RTE/TKDIVI Division ADDWT * OT Output table Can anyone please explain with an example ,how calculation happens in this factoring need each and every step . Please expalain for WPBP also.

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Can u give Brief Explanation of configuration/customization ? What is the difference b/w both?

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1.which is hot module in SAP HR? 2. i am plaining to try only on Time Management and Payroll? These two are enough or i wnat to be very strong on another modules? 3. Also please help or suggest me which is another hot module to concentrate more? 4. Some minimum knowledge is enough on another modules like OM, PA, and e rceruiting...and concentrating more on payroll and time managemnet. please help me by providing detailed answer?

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best institute to learn SAP HR IN Bangalore?

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In supporting project, what are the Tickets generally we come across in payroll, personnel administration and Organizational management?


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