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MAHINDRA Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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1hp=how much rpm

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1>what is the material of ball bearing?

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What is the Difference between Cotter Joint

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if a centrifugal pump system is already installed and later found that cavitation occurs, how to fix it without disturbing system by much?!

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hello, this is sai preparing for mvi exam if any having previous year question papers please help me out


what is mechanical engineering?

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how do you differentiate the while look at drawing whether it is first angle or third angle projection.

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1hp=how much rpm

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What is the problem use octane in petrol Engine?

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What is the difference between saturated steam and super heated steam....explain in mechanical terminology...

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one kg of gas is compressed adiabatically from 1 kg/,1 cubic metre volume and 300 kelvin to 5 kg/,0.5 cubic metre and 400 transfer in this process will be


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MAHINDRA Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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