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MAHINDRA Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to protect the pipe line from crrossion.?

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what is the difference blw turbocharger and supper charger ?

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what is thermocouple

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What are the steps taken in troubleshooting of a machine e.g extruder

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What is the Full form of AIF in Compressors ?

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diffuser increases pressure but in turbine pressure is decreasing when steam passing through casing?

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why vaccume required in turbine?

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what is difference between pressure and stress?

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difference between internal energy and enthalpy?


What causes diesel engine trouble when using heavy oil?

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1] wht is the relation between degree celcius and fahrenhite ? 2] wht is quality and ISO ?

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first law of thermodynamics deals with

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What is the boiler bank position?


what is accumulator and working and contruction of accumulator and explain its various applications?

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MAHINDRA Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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