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KSEB Interview Questions
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why the energy meter disc rotates anticlockwise while reading

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what is harmonics? what are the factors it will depend upon


what is power factor when in view of a lineman

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what is %impedanece

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what is load shedding

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what is called inrush current??

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how to calculate the earth mat design in 132 kv substation yard ????


hi... Can anybody give me description of type-2 coordination, IP protection, NEMA standards ? Thanks..

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if transmission voltage expressed as the multipple of form factor(1.11)........11,33,66,220 etc......then why madakkathara substation(kerala) voltage is 400kv..not 440.....?

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what happens when back feeding supply accidently collapses with normal supply ??? How?? [that is sometimes in a substation 11kv feeder if their ws long time permit work, back feeding supply will provide from nearest substation... if accidently after the permit work,they charged the feeder without removing back feeding wat will happen...?]

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what is Bucholtz Relay test???? Explain??

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What are the procedures followed for underground cable laying.....???

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Give a brief idea about Control circuit wiring in Substation...???

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What is the function of an Auto reclosure relay. How does it work??

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What is EHT tariff or Power factor Tariff ????


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