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KSEB Interview Questions
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At which conditions a synchronous motor acts as a synchronous condenser?

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what will happen if the secondary of current transformer kept open....

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wht is this amps in power consuption and how can we convert that into consuption hours ? i am a sales executive of a energy saving lamps .

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What is ELR, and where it is used ?

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At present how many HVDC lines are there in india

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Why all voltage levels are the multiples of 11KV?

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What are the voltages at which electrical energy is transmitted

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what is power factor ?

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what is STUB protection in tranmission system and switch yard area?

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can any one help me? 1.what is corona extinction voltage&corona inception volatage 2.what is mean by CFVV?

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Difference Between Differential Relay and Restricted Earth Fault Relay of Power Transformers

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what is through fault?


what are pilot cells


how can we check a fully charged battery?

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does over charging of a battery reduce its life?

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