What are control break statements?

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Answer / naveen kumar guduri

I think this is not the correct answer

control break statements in abap r

1. AT NEW f.
2. AT END OF f.

these r with internal tables.....

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Answer / priya

control break statements are of 4 types:


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Answer / priya

AT FIRST---->this is used for system field heading in
ABAP program.

AT NEW------>this is used to display the fields.

AT END------>this is used for row-wise calculation i.e,

AT LAST----->this is used for calculation of grand total.

these are the control statements used.

hope this is right.

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Answer / srikanth

AT First ===> Triggers in the first loop operation.
At New ===> Triggers when ever new field value changes at
At End Of ===> Triggers at the end of every field value.
At Last ===> Triggers in the last loop operation

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Answer / mani

Priya answer is absolutely right , I faced this question in
TCS Hyd.

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Answer / pria

one more control break statement is there that is 'ON
can anybody tell the difference between ON CHANGE OF and AT

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Answer / arjun manglekar

Belo are some more diff. between AT NEW and ON CHANGE OF
1) AT NEW checks all the values above it ..where as
ON CHANGE OF cheks only that particular value

2) AT NEW can be used in only LOOP..ENDLOOP where as
ON CAHNGE OF can be used in any looping ...e.g

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Answer / raktim bhattacharjee

1. AT NEW.

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Answer / sandeep joshi

@ Priya.
According to my one experience you can only use 'AT NEW'
with only the table's fields in which you are looping
whereas 'ON CHANGE OF' can be used with any data element
inside any table's loop.

Second 'ON CHANGE OF' is obsolete but as of my experience
'AT NEW' doesn't provide the same functionality.

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Answer / sunil

Control break statements are
1. At First
2. At Last
3. At New
4. At End of
And all these statements work only between Loop and Endloop.

F1 F2 F3
1 A B
1 B C
2 C A
3 D E

here F1, F2 and F3 are the three fields

if we apply the At New statement between these three fields
then the output would be
1 b c
2 c a
3 d e

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