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in sm51 server status ,when we used passive status ? ,can we change passive 2 active , if yes then how ?     0  10
difference between composite role and derived role    1  14
How to check whether the Transport Request is running or not at OS level? cap-gemini   2  89
User has scheduled a Background Job, he wants that background job to run faster. How to speedup the background job process? cap-gemini   1  84
Hi can any one tell me the path to trans.log file in both(unix and windows ) environment    3  81
I have deleted all the clients including default clients in SCC4. How to recover the default clients? infosys   2  114
What is persistence class? Use of persistence class? yash-technologies   1  173
how should I check the Last authorization failed using suim tcode? ibm   2  303
What is purpose user group in SU01? clss   0  131
During Client Copy from Production(400) to Development(500) Ztables data of PRD server not copied ? ispl   1  178
what is the use of "parameter" tab in creation of user in SU01    1  406
what is the use of S_TABU_DIS    1  289
what is authorization profile?    1  240
if we execute r3trans -d in command prompt, it will give return code , but where it will generates log file? please tell me the path of the log file. tcs   4  1142
AS-IS & TO-BE process, who gets involved?    1  337
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference between sap lock and data base lock? 222
What are saplpd and tcp/ip print server and purpose? And difference b/w saplpd and tcp/ip print server? 824
What is the information derived from OSS notes? 1143
if i want to limit the condition record validity for forst 10 orders how can i do tht plz ans i hve interview in 2/3 days 162
How can a user be able to access only for Customizing requests even if assigned se01 and se10?. 434
What will happen during the export process? 193
what is the query execution process in sap r/3 architecture,if multiple queries are immediate to execute? 301
can we give one check for all vendors in automatic payment run? how? 234
I'm getting the following runtime error in IDES "DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP". GUI is 720 final release and patch level:0 790
in sm51 server status ,when we used passive status ? ,can we change passive 2 active , if yes then how ?  10
what are client settings? 248
can anyone tellme java instance startup sequence? 1245
list some common errors faced with jspm while updating java stcks.and solutions. 545
In my portal ABAP + JAVA I get a bootstrap error message how do I resolve this erroe 1031
My Apologies, The previous questions were concerning the Transaction ST02 314
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