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how to backup redolog files&log files    2  614
How we can configure the transport management system.    3  431
What are the prerequisites of installing a dialog instance    1  1060
If one background process took long time to run other than the usual time , what are the areas you will investigate other than SM37 ?    2  1313
how to find a system is in particular ehp ?    2  727
In which frequency your TR gets transported to other system?    1  1785
How do you generate (recover) old system logs in a newly created SLOG00?    0  467
What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??    0  740
How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54    0  509
how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?    4  2866
How to login in o.s level with adm user in sap basis ? ¬†please tell me step by step ?    4  2895
If multi log on parameter value is:1". one GUI user logged in one terminal, and same user id logged on other terminal as GUI, It will ask for Terminate a session if User selected to Terminate it will not to be terminated in SAP¬†    1  1419
EWA configuration?    1  2966
What are the activities you done in PI?    0  1386
Incase my sap system was down (users are unable to login to sap system) how to analyze this problem?    3  6013
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Un-Answered Questions
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What will happen during the export process? 429
What are steps for DB Refresh? 217
What are the errors you got while applying support pack? 207
How you will do client copy? 158
How will u send mail after completion of backup? 212
what are the pros and cons of auto extend of table spaces? 654
What is SSO? How to configure SSO? 115
what is the difference b/w 4.6c & 4.7EE? 612
How to define instances and operation modes? 205
what is role of sap administrator in pi & ep? 520
TMS Configuration? 276
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Have you done any parameter changes using configtool and visual admin tool? 128
How to apply java stacks ? expalin step by step prcoess 452
What is the need of having Development system? 220
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