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What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??    0  38
How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54    0  29
how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?    1  55
How to login in o.s level with adm user in sap basis ?  please tell me step by step ?    2  244
If multi log on parameter value is:1". one GUI user logged in one terminal, and same user id logged on other terminal as GUI, It will ask for Terminate a session if User selected to Terminate it will not to be terminated in SAP     1  205
EWA configuration?    0  1647
What are the activities you done in PI?    0  884
Incase my sap system was down (users are unable to login to sap system) how to analyze this problem?    1  3503
Consider a client 800 this client having 75 users but 15 users account was locked, I want to unlock this 15 users account at a time how you do?    3  3062
Client export/ import pre-requisite?    1  799
If you want check java stack level?    3  836
What are the activities you do as a basis consultant in BI?    0  858
Performance tuning?    2  1928
What is swap?    1  667
Describe your last/current company's landscape, similar to what you would find in STMS>Transport Routes.    0  515
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the difference b/w 4.7EE & ECC5.0? 586
Difference between synchronous RFC and asynchronous RFC? 59
How to adjust user master records? If user master record doesn't adjust what will you do? 66
What are the Different types of authorisation tables? 340
how can we set a/r a/p netting for inter company code transactions? is it possible to do? if yes, give the solution? 636
Applied basis support pack successfully when the system which is not updated in the system status? Why? How to resolve? 56
i am working with NBFC- MNC in personal loan dept. I applied for Internal Job Position in banking Division. My overall (10 years) experience in sales and People Management and in Internal Job Posting they require person for backend activity. There will be not repotees and its individual performance job. My Question is 1. If they will ask why you want to change your field form sales to backend job what should I answer? 2. The opening is in Chennai and since 10 year I am in Gujarat so if they ask why you want to change your home town location? Arpan Thakkar 1094
can we give one check for all vendors in automatic payment run? how? 499
My Apologies, The previous questions were concerning the Transaction ST02 437
If SAP* is not available then how u will do? 33
What is your organization’s security philosophy? What level of security does your data require? How much risk are you willing to assume in each application area? 398
How to define instances and operation modes? 59
If a background job runs more than the time it should be completed normally then what actions will u take? 69
I also wanna work with Webdynpros? What are the requirements? I mean SAP 4.7 ee or ECC 5 or 6? Netweaver developer Studio? Also with win 2003 i have the activation problem every month. SO do i get a cd that doesnt ask for the activation? i have win 2000 but can it be installed on HP pavilion laptops that are coming preinstalled with Vista OS? 544
How to delet a table in sap. How to move a table from one location to another. 407
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