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i work on sap 4.6c sap r/3,what happens is my sap mmc starts up,database startsup,message server startsup and also the dispatcher,but all the workprocess remain in running state,and they never come to waiting state? Can anyone help me out?

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Hi Al I have a small querry in SAP there are different type of Users one of them is System User I want to know why the system user is created and if created what is use of them and how they are associated with the Dialogue User ,As we all know Dialogue user can perform all work in Sap by logging in the sap server , so why the system user is created and how they are associated with Dialogue user With Rgds

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what is the difference between SAP AND ASAP

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Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements?


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What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?

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What is ERP?

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What is SAP?

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Explain the concept of ?Business Content? in SAP Business Information Warehouse?

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Why do you usually choose to implement SAP?

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Can BW run without a SAP R/3 implementation?

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What is IDES?

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What is WF and its importance?

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What is SAP R/3?


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What are presentation, application and database servers in SAP R/3?


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Name some drawbacks of SAP?

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can we give one check for all vendors in automatic payment run? how?


If a background job runs more than the time it should be completed normally then what actions will u take?


How do you generate (recover) old system logs in a newly created SLOG00?

612 to retrive corrupt file in back up ? 2.what post actives of patching increase the file size in unix


How to schedule background jobs at OS level?


What will happen during the export process?


how many printers are there in the land scape


I need to change the Company address parameters of a user. The path is SU01 -> -> Change - > Address Tab - > Display Icon in Company Address section. In the new screen, i see a preview section icon; on clicking which, I can change the parameters such as "Sending Country"; "Street/PO Box number" and number of lines in the resulting pop up. Here though i change the parameter "Street/PO Box number" field to 'S' ( Street has priority over PO Box), its changing again to 'P' (PO Box has priority over street) only. In the help section it is written that if we set the user parameter (tcode SU3) LND1 to the desired country we can control the user specific Sending Country with the desired value else it takes the Sending Country of the Company defined by default. But no such parameter has been given for Street/PO Box number so that we could change its value atleast there. Someone suggest me how to change the Street/PO Box number of the Address format for a user to the desired value.


what is role of sap administrator in pi & ep?


What is transport domain?


What is upgrade process? And how u will do that?


Hi, Cansomeone please send the system refresh doc , it's very urgent for me. Thanks in advance.


How will u send mail after completion of backup?


In my portal ABAP + JAVA I get a bootstrap error message how do I resolve this erroe


How to apply job on OS Level?