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what is IDOC? explain the Inbound and outbound process?    0  2
What is tresurry bills ? how it works?    0  2
I am working on cross company STO. After I create STO, I cannot create outbound delivery by using VL10D. When I check the STO, I find that the delivery creation date is blank. It seems the system does not add the STO to delivery due list automatically. Is some setting in SD affecting this?    1  4
When we create a BOM through CS01, what effect does BOM usage field have on subsequent configuration? For example, if we take it as 1=production or 5=sales what effect will it have on subsequent processes?    0  3
i faced this question in interview.How many pricing procedures have maintained in your implementation project,and what are the requirements for this procedures?can any one help me out. Regards ramya          0  5
client wants to have sales of particular material area wise. How to write functional spec for this    0  6
some examples of functional specs for Z reports    0  5
Give some examples of FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION DOCUMENTS you have prepared    0  5
Order types, why do we need to create our order types and not use the standard ones during implementation.    1  12
what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item    0  10
Based on certain condition how can we show different columns in output of ALV?? For Ex if Condition A is met we need to show 1 5 and 7 column , If condition B is met we need to show 1 2 and 4 and if condition C is met we need to show 1 3 and 6.    0  12
If BDC is developed in Development system with no data , where do we do the recording?    0  8
Why do we use CALL FUNCTION ..IN BACKGROUND TASK and CALL FUNCTION ...STARTING NEW TASK? What is the difference?    0  7
Can someone please post/let me know the latest SAP PI7.4/PO7.37.31 interview question?!! Thanks in Advance, Neha Shri    0  20
How to check whether the Transport Request is running or not at OS level? cap-gemini   1  36
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why most of the companies using SAP? Why they are not using TALLY? 160
Give an example of SOD with object level control & also decide the Risk implication from the Technical standpoint. 530
What is the procedure to implement structural authorization in BW? 414
Overview of G/L account :- Dear, what type of G/L account use in SAP.How to see all type of G/L account in sap those are used in a organization 85
Hi All I am Vamshi I Provide Training on ECC Security, Bi Security, HR Security, GRC Access Control Suit(RAR SPM CUP ERM), SRM Security and CRM Security. Duration: 30 days Fees: Rs 7000/- Vamshi Krishna +91-7569362152 email: 349
Can i Have Some Realtime Examples On Modulepool programming. 791
what is the difference in grc background jobs 246
Some Realtime Objects on Bdc. 399
How do you do EURO conversion at the database level? 301
What is rowlevel security ? can u please explain with real time example? 213
What are the advantages of new LO extraction? 302
In Table Field when display the Name, whose first charecter should be capital letter and rest will be small letter. 210
how can you display data say "your name"in sap script without print program or driver program?? 175
Give some examples of FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION DOCUMENTS you have prepared 5
hi friends i am Manohar from hyderabad.i have recently completed MBA+SAP SD -now i am looking for a job-what is best way to get job? can get job as fresher? or with fake experience? i am in a confusion plz help how to approach companys or consultancy which can provide sap job? plzzzzzzzzzzz 146
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