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what is the prerequisite for doing sap release upgrade    0  5
Difference between publication and report bursting?    0  5
Yesterday report is running fine(in 5sec.).but today report is running 4hrs.but client want performance improvement.all parameters are don't have access at universe have aceess at report level only.what you do?    0  5
I have cube.for cube data coming from 3dso' one dso having special cube you got special char u can resolve this?    0  5
difference between prompts,filters,inputcontrols.three are filters.but exactly in which situation three are used.not in definition wise.tell me in scenario wise.    0  6
I have 2 blocks in my report.2nd block is below the 1st future when I add data to the 1st block it overlaps with 2nd block.i don't want this.i want when 1st block increases with data 2nd block come below 1st block.what you will do to achive this?    0  5
what is the difference between mainwindow n final window?    1  19
Document 90036320 saved (error in account determination) Message no. VF051 in this error    0  18
How do i display users with SAP_ALL roles.    1  26
with in how many days we can complete the preparation of sap mm course for that how many hours should be prepared to complete the preparation as soon as possible & could u help out me to get the grip on the important topics    0  13
(Error in stock posting in MB1C) :error:-Field selection for movement type 561/account 895000 differs for Ext GA Amount in LC(023) This issue how is it resolve this issue.    1  22
when we create sales order price on the automatically how it is?    0  21
what is the movement type for third party sales?    2  36
do you know shipping condition? from where it is come?    1  30
Providing training for SAP Security & GRC. SAP Security includes ECC Security,HR Security,SRM Security,CRM SECURITY,BI Security GRC 10.0 & 10.1 For further details send an email to or contact 971 563356167    1  24
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the debt recovery management.what is use in Sap. If you are Implementing debt recovery management so what is basic thing.Means how to run I humbly requested please provide the Answer & All the basic thing 1814
what happened when you overrate the customer? 438
what is a multiprovider? what are the uses and in which case supposed to be use? difference between bi7.0/bw3.5? 680
In event management,for shipment Business process type if we are not able to get reported dates of pick end date,pick start date,loading start date,end date... and we can only see planned dates as in shipment document,where to check for configuration.please let me know... 843
Give an example of the content key figure OTOTALSTCK (quantity total stock)? 591
GUYS any one please can u post questions in sap a bap webdynpro questions.. please i need to know some technical questions regarding webdynpro and ADOBE forms ? 347
which are the roadmaps delevered by SAP solution manager I am going to take certification exam soon plz ans 422
Can you anybody give the FICO Tickets like Low,Medium,High & Critical issues with some examples in the real time happened. please forward it to my mail 573
tell about gaps in u r progject? 570
I'm facing a problem while posting a transaction, the errors showing "withholding tax amount exceed the total line item." I know the anmount calculated is more than the Base amount itself. But as i'm not a FI candidate, I want to know from where I have to change so that I can do the transaction, condition is that I cannot change any rate and code of ewt tax. Pls. help me out, it's urgent. 362
how to delte g/l if transaction are updated. :- hi expertise how to delete the g/l a/c if the transaction are updated in. whether any possibility to delete. let me know. thanks in advance 381
how to test soap messages? 187
What is the difference between ABAP and HR ABAP 1137
Have you worked on ABAP Queries? Explain the detailed work mechanism involved in it? Please give examples from your real time/ live data project along with detailed procedure/ work mechanism and explanation along with path and t-codes if any? Please answer this question asap.... Its Urgent.... Looking forward for your express reply...I have interview within 1-2 days. So, give reply to this query asap.. I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards 559
Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD 1187
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