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If customer is a vendor & vendor is a customer what is the configuration settings & how will u clear 1 against another ?    1  11
Best faculty for SAP -FICO in Hyd    7  45
How Many Numbers of Validations and Substitutions can be defined for a Company Code.    1  43
How to understand FICO tables so as to prepare Functional spec that ABAPer can work with? Please explain the data pulling logic? and how to map the tables after configuration¬†    1  2371
DME file configuration steps , how to attach DME file in FBZP configuration.    1  4040
How to get currency while creating Purchasing Order    0  1042
company have 2 company codes, now they want to combine as one company code. as a consultant what advise you will give ?.    1  1571
What are functional specifications and what are cut over activities.    1  434
If invoice amount is USD 1000 @Rs.62 and directly posted at Rs.62000 on 01-01-2014 and paid amount is USD1000 @Rs.64 and posted amount is Rs.64000 on 10-01-2014. Where will go the Rs.2000 amount. And what are all entries.    1  2930
What is the Difference between Classic GL, New GL from Controlling point of view.    1  1537
Maximum How many Special GL's can we assign/use to Company Code.    0  1328
configuration steps of Asset Under Construction (AUC) linked to Internal Order.    0  777
What is functional area, trading partner    0  789
Can we add entries to a capitalised Asset.    1  803
Apart from vendor, customer where do we use Terms of payment.    1  3437
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is functional area, trading partner 789
How do you create tasks? What is the max number of tasks you created in your previous projects ? 392
Where we define new in ifrs and gaap 365
What is the meaning of ADHOC P.O's Do we create Adhoc P.O's to our regular Vendors.What are the Tax aspects in this Issue. 1737
a cost element is used for some cost center but only in some case like discount allowed particular internal order should be picked? can any one help me? 325
You are entered a credit memo posting to vendor who is linked to a customer on 1st of May 2003 for your company code but you have not specifically entered the same data in customer till now. You have lots of entries appearing in the vendor and customer account prior to that date of May 2003 also. You are making a manual payment to the vendor ? select out of the following which statements are correct. a. Credit memo document will get the special payment term as per vendor master definition. b. Customer items will not be shown while paying the vendor as customer is not linked. c. Customer items will be shown only postings after the date 1st May 2003. d. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided payment is same from 1st May 2003. e. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided Special GL items are also selected in selection screen irrespective of the activation date 610
At the time of creating GRN can I mention business area? 744
Adjustment posting problem :- F.5E >> Business area adjustment transaction Hello, the Adjustments of the Empty BA with transaction F.5E does not work properly. We make the Adjustments manually. Could you, please, check and advise ? Thanks, Rachit 1143
Any one please give me some real time tickets with solutions 365
tell about u r business proceses? 390
can any one share with me the process solving tickets in sap fico with example plz.... thanks in advance 423
Tell me the 3 to 4 functional specification? 373
what is payment medium program ? how to config advance payment in app ? payment suplymentary in app? 768
Hello everyone, I need some help. I completed my SAP Fico course and appeared for an interview in IBM under the payroll of WDC- vendor of IBM. Fortunately I have selected for IBM Projects under the payroll of wdc. But worst thing start from there, for 1 month I'm just waiting for a project to allocate for me, but unfortunately no projects have been allocated and after 1 month wdc has released me. Now I fall in a big trouble, i'm not understanding anything what i should i do now? Again I have to start for searching job in sap field and i'm not getting that. So, can anybody help me out and plz. give the information is there any place mainly in kolkata or any information about the other vendors companies or consultancies who are recruiting candidates for MNC companies, is there any requirement going on for sap fico module in kolkata. I have shown just 1 years of exp. in Sap. So, plz. help me out if any one can, i'm in a big trouble. You can mail me also for the information- Thanks in advance. 874
What are the interaction with abaper in project especially for screens, conditions and cutover plan? 290
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