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SD cycle and MM cycle with entries    1  14
LSMW itself is a t-code for legacy data transfer.. but what are t codes involved in LSMW    0  9
what are the t-codes involved in FI-MM integration    1  11
what is cycle count in SAP    0  8
An asset was bought in 2000 for company code xxxx for 10000... and was depreciated for 2 years.. then realized asset was of no use in CC xxxx and was transferred to CC yyyy. what wd be capitalization value of asset in new CC    0  9
what is difference apportionment of costs, overhead expenses and how do they differ    0  9
Asset class created at what level    1  15
Use of Leading and Non-Leading ledgers in Asset Accounting    0  13
"Special GL indicator F is not defined here"     1  28
error msg no-f.5071 in down payment. what would be the entry for clearing this open f-44..?    0  38
what is child order    0  29
i have one doubt if we have pay to many vendor's..with using different house banks&different amounts..! my question is we need to update each bank for vendor's and amounts wise..i mean updating in master records..? or not?..please give a detailed answer..plase sir's.    0  29
dear fico expert' asset accounting..i completed all configuration steps..and purchased asset also..with tc.f-90..problem here depreciation run with( isnot successful..spool is not showing any depreciated value's..i want sale asset and go for further posting..please help.    1  55
hello sap guru's...while creating outbound delivery VL01n i getting a error..msg no VL461,VL248..i saw solution step's in i could not proceed this outbound delivery..plz give a detailed explanation to solve error..thanking u senior's...junior    0  21
down using t-code -48 i have posted a dp..amt of 160000.while invoice was fully posted..but i cleared it t-code 58 instead of fbln1 in still shows open item..give a solution..tq    0  25
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explain 2 business scenarios which do you feel have considerable significance and what kind of solutions did you offer while working on the projects? 155
Overview of G/L account :- Dear, what type of G/L account use in SAP.How to see all type of G/L account in sap those are used in a organization. 109
integration with fi to pp steps 275
You are entered a credit memo posting to vendor who is linked to a customer on 1st of May 2003 for your company code but you have not specifically entered the same data in customer till now. You have lots of entries appearing in the vendor and customer account prior to that date of May 2003 also. You are making a manual payment to the vendor ? select out of the following which statements are correct. a. Credit memo document will get the special payment term as per vendor master definition. b. Customer items will not be shown while paying the vendor as customer is not linked. c. Customer items will be shown only postings after the date 1st May 2003. d. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided payment is same from 1st May 2003. e. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided Special GL items are also selected in selection screen irrespective of the activation date 365
Give me an Example for functional specifications in sap fico 670
Hi Could you please share the process of migration of Classical GL Balances to New GL Balances. What are the actions / precautions we need to take at the time of New GL Migration time. 40
when clearing the vendor by f-44,asking for section codes which is already defined. what to do 227
while making DO in SAP system allowes passing an entry more than the credit limit set in the system configuration Please help me 230
How to get different checks and different amount in APP run? 691
open item mgt a/c are all the balance sheet a/c but all balance sheet a/c are not are all openitem mgt plz explain? plz send the mail id 207
Hi, Here is an interview question. What are errors we will face in FI-MM, FI-SD, COPA integration. How u will solve. Sravan 191
Tell me some important tickets in fico? 282
error msg no-f.5071 in down payment. what would be the entry for clearing this open f-44..? 38
diff types of fi and co quations pls tell me 167
What is Business process in sap contorlling 192
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