May i know high priority&low seviarity,high seviarity&low

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Answer / srivastav

i dont agree with sunil reddy that it comes to
company label ..if it is wrong it is given top priority
but severity is low bcoz it is a cosmetic error

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Answer / ramesh

Priority is Business, Severity is Technical.

High priority and low severity: In the application if there
is a spelling mistake in the login page it wont affect the
functionality anywhere but this we give high priority to fix
this issue, severity is very low.

High Severity and Low Priority: For example in a school
software there is a show stopper error in Examination module
that affects the application not navigate anywhere, but the
examination is going to held only on May, eventhough the bug
is very severe we give low priority to fix it.

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Answer / prasanna

I'll give u one example of high pririty and low severity :
Consider a job site which accepts different
format say wrd,txt,html,pdf etc..
All is wrking fine but If u upload resume in html format
the apps hangs..
So its a high severity bug..
But Suppose: Mostly ppl upload in wrd,txt or pdf format and
chances of occuring the problem is say .1% so it can be
low priority bug..or at the most it can be planned to fix
later with giving a msg :ONly resume in wrd,txt,pdf format
is allowed to be uploaded.
So its typical case..but mostly high severity bugs are high

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Answer / pjstalin

priority and sevirity depens on the application , just for
example take a ok labelled button. if in GUI point of
testing say if the label name ok is labelled as Ko but it
does the functionality what it has to do so here we can say
this as High Priority and low seviratiy because it has low
impact on the system....if you are testing the same
application in UI testing the the same KO butoon has High
Priority and high seviraty...if you test in the functional
part the KO button has low priority and low seviraty...but
in cosmetict issues it has low priority and high
seviraty .....

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Answer / deeps

Priority: Means how soon you want to fix the bug to be
Severity: Means how bad the bug is.

When setting a priority and severity, priority can be
comestetic error which gives the bad reputation to the
company. Severity is set based on the work around. If there
is no work around then it is set be a high severity bug.

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Answer / vasu

priority&seviarity will be giving by testlead and some
times TE also depending on impact of bug on that
application how fast it will be solved.GUI related bugs are
coming under high priority bugs because........
{for excample you are customer,what do you see first ?
graphic related items and monitering items,right?.if you
saw the mistakes on first look what do you feel!. thats why
GUI related bugs are comes under high priority bugs.}
If bug impact is very high on the build then the priority
is high and it should solve as fast as possible.if the
impact is low then it can solved slowly.

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Answer / sibina

Priority depends on the requirements like critical

And severity is like if so many test cases are on hold due
to this particular defect...

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Answer / vivek.ranganathan

[Lambent Technologies]
i cannot understand anwer which u hav posted , plz do
replyt again is my mail

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Answer / kamaraj

ex-login form accept any word,you will give high priority
and low seviarity.the database encripted field is not
encripted the expected format u will give high seviarity
and low priority.

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Answer / guest

You can say that GUI related problems comes under high
priority and low severity..
the Reverse is not known to me..

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