QA Concepts Interview Questions
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QA Responsibilities?


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What is automation Framework?

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What is the cost of quality?


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What are points should consider at the time of reviews?


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How do you collect the metric?


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what type of documents would u need for QA,Testing and QC?

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what is Quality Assurance?

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?


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When should u feel that u can stop testing now?

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How do u go abt when ur testing web applications?

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How do u perform regression testing?

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What is Retesting?


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What r the advantages of automation?


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what is software quality assurance?

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what is Software testing?

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Testing terminologies followed by Google


how we apply cmmi and iso in oyr testing or qa do it have some specifuc format


hi, my qusetion is that plz send me the complete testplan and test cases of any web application with testing too so i have an idea bcz i have no any experience in it


i completed btech in IT in 2012.i am not good at programming.i want to do software i eligible for the course and how will be my future?please help and than you


How to test and to get the difference between two images which is in the same window?


Suggest me MCQ book for Software testing


a proj ws atarted and cloded within the second day why?it has good amt of resources.srs ws prepers and accepted by the client too.


We have a WISPr application making an authentication request to a server running an authentication module. The client application is sending the User--Agent value, but the authentication application logs the User-Agent value as null, please explain the steps i should take to troubleshoot the issue. Please mention the steps by applying your knowledge of the OSI model.


What is is External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Final Inspection (FI)?


Please, list many things You’ll do (effort) as a SQA Tester, in this Company software project from the idea making of the specification, till that software released!


How does the Internal QA Audit relates with the ISO Standards level ?


Q. How do you select product components for validation?What are the contents of QMS?


In Software Development Team, Who has the biggest and smallest salary? Can You list all of it? It say that SQA Tester is the smallest one, Is it right?


A payroll system?


Hi QA, Do any QA's give us the detail status of review happening during the entire life cycle (if templates includes it will be very useful for us) ?