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ISTQB Interview Questions
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CAN U ANY 1 PLEASE EXPLAIN THE BELOW QUESTION AND ANSWER? Given the following code, which statement is true about the minimum number of test cases required for full statement and branch coverage? Read p Read q IF p+q > 100 THEN Print "Large" ENDIF IF p > 50 THEN Print "p Large" ENDIF a) 1 test for statement coverage, 3 for branch coverage b) 1 test for statement coverage, 2 for branch coverage c) 1 test for statement coverage, 1 for branch coverage d) 2 tests for statement coverage, 2 for branch coverage

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Hi all, I want to give ISTQB foundation level this june '08. PLease give me any question paers, syallabus, pateern type, books which u all have.. How long does one need to prepare. If you all have any data send it to Thanks in advance!!!! And thank u for taking time to read this post!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for ur reply:)

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Maintenance testing is: 1. updating tests when the software has changed 2. updating tests when the software has changed 3. testing by users to ensure that the system meets a business need 4. testing to maintain business advantage

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What is cyclomatic complexity?

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Need ISTQB Study Materials, Latest ISTQB Syllabus, ISTQB Standard Glossary, E-Books, Presentations, Study Sessions & lots of Question Papers with Answers ?



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I'm planning on taking tthe ISTQB Foundation Level in this AUGUST 08, CHENNAI.. Anyone from chennai preparing for the same?. Would like to share the thoughts,materials, preparation, etc.. please feel free to drop me a couple of lines --- jammerstar (at)yahoo(dot)com

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Hi, Below is a question on white box testing. Kindly help me in answering it. How many test cases are needed to obtain 100% branch coverage. This question was asked in ISTQB foudation level exam - Dec21 2008. Read(A,C) If(A<10) then Print A; Endif If(C>100) then Print C is greater then A else if(C<100) then print only C Endif else Options - a. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 1 Kindly answer with explanation so that it would be easy to understand

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This was one of the question in ISTQB foundation level exam - Dec 21 2008. Can you test elevator using state transition technique? Options a. Yes b. No If Yes or No, Kindly justify your answer so that it helps people who see this question/answer.


Foundations of Software Testing by Dorothy Graham, Erik Van Veenendaal,Isabel Evans ,Rex Black. i need this e-book please help me it is very urgent

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Q2. From the below given choices, which one is the ‘Confidence testing’ A. Sanity testing B. System testing C. Smoke testing D. Regression testing

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What is Defect Density? How it can be calculated?

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Q5. An expert based test estimation is also known as A. Narrow band Delphi B. Wide band Delphi C. Bespoke Delphi D. Robust Delphi

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When testing a grade calculation system, a tester determines that all scores from 90 to 100 will yield a grade of A, but scores below 90 will not. This analysis is known as: A. Equivalence partitioning B. Boundary value analysis C. Decision table D. Hybrid analysis

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Given the following code, which is true about the minimum number of test cases required for full statement and branch coverage: Read P Read Q IF P+Q > 100 THEN Print “Large” ENDIF If P > 50 THEN Print “P Large” ENDIF how to find statement and branch coverage? Explain in brief?


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