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what is mean by defect resolution and its use??    1  39
Suppose when you click on message icon in your mobile phone , if it is giving a message "Error,Message cannot be opened", Wha will u do? how do you rise a defect? /    1  36
suppose if you are in ATM center and if you withdraw an amount of rs. 10000/-, you get a message to your mobile for deduction of amount but you did not receive any amount from ATM machine. What will you do? How do you rise a defect?    3  62
What happens if we access a website that has cookies once the browser cookies are disabled?Does the website will be accessed?Though accessed, does the session will be tracked?    0  31
How many TC you have written?How many TC you can write in a day?How many TC can you execute in a day?    2  68
How regularly you used to get the build and who used to installed build in software testing    2  41
how will you test a wine filled bottle along with 100 glasses    0  42
test cases on bangles???    0  36
What are the differences and similarities between build and fix model and the v-model??    1  90
I have 2 questions: 1) What are Technical test cases 2) What are Business test case (Or Business driven test cases)    0  143
Write SQL query to see first 100 recorders from table?    5  566
How to write JSON query ? Explain with Example    0  99
what are all requirements need for create gmail login page    3  305
If client is not given any requirements then how will you test the application    1  165
Write Testcases for creditcard limit.    1  463
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Un-Answered Questions
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Have you ever completely tested any part of a product? How? 613
Can anyone tell me, What is wound fixing? 670
could u pls anyone tel me .."which is the best instute that provides eficient practical knowledge and also real-time oriented knowldge to do a project in manual and automation hyd" pls send me to dis mail-id if u find any..? 419
write testcases for open dialogbox 237
How can write testcases on a code under development pls give asnwer 318
iam new testing, i want improve writing test cases and bug defect etc? any on give suggestion pls? 316
What is benchmark testing? hi friends... can anyone suggest the correct answer plz... 1212
How do u determine,what to be tested? 367
How will u decide test data to see that evey feature is thoroughly tested 301
How do u prepare test environment for ur application? 501
what is dib format? 321
explain the ISO standard ( more explanation about the ISO 524
Can u give me explanation about section 508 testcase and Testcase for this section. It need a details checklist for the same Manimozhi 760
What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server? 343
how we write test cases to brs,srs,hlds,llds 1437
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