To start a transaction how many ways are there and what are

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Answer / inturi madhavarao

To start a transaction , we have two options. They are,

1. Dynamic menu
2. command field

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Answer / b.gangi reddy

either minu path or transiaction code.

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Answer / arun

you use a T-code or you can browse through the SAP main
menu and select the appropriate one

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Answer / syamala

There are three ways:
1. T-Code
2. put it in Favourite folder
3. Use the Menu Path.

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Answer / g

to start a transaccction there are two ways.first one is t-
code spro-img and second one is menu path

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Answer / nagarjuna m

only two ways to start the transactions
one is T-code
anther one is path (SPRO-IMG)

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Answer / mohd khaja shamsuddin

1 . enter t code in command field

2 . trough to sap menu

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Answer / kiran

Only two ways like path and T-CODE and if u have favorite folder in essay access then that one also used.
thank you.

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Answer / jhad

there is also another way - run directly the report bound to the t-code (it may happen you are not authorized to the chosen TCODE, but authorized to use SE38).

You can also use SE93 instead of "command field" or browse it with SE80.

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