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What is the principle of gas chromatography ?    0  47
what are the differences between assay procedures and estimation in chemical analysis? also what is the equivalent factor that we consider in assay analytical procedures?    0  33
why nitrile are least reactive of carboxylic acid derivative    1  173
What Is the mechanism of pyridine and methanol .what products produce    1  189
What is reagent?    2  447
formula of petrol?    1  433
Although bucky ball is an allotropic form of carbon but it is included in organic chemistry?    1  263
chlorination of methane is possible and a mixture of products are obtained. Is flourination and Bromination of methane is possible?    0  123
How to interlude aldehyde group in aromatic compound    1  362
whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation    0  169
why acetone is highly soluble in water but acetophenol is not    1  472
What precaution u take when doing rs preparing    0  260
what is accuracy formula with examples?    0  365
Which of these bonds has the weakest bond energy? hydrogen bond electrovalent bond covalent bond metallic bond    2  824
NIR wave length range how much    0  356
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are stereomers? how are they classified? 1114
What is a repartition coefficient? 626
can you pls provide chemistry previous papers for the post of trainee chemist in ap genco 984
how to prepare the 0.001M tio2 557
In order to avoid the pyridine catalyst use in many synthesis which is harmfull to environment, which catalyst can be used....? 510
why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam 521
Explain Thiele's structure for benzene. What is the difference between thiele's structure and modern structure (resonance hybrid) of benzene? 2508
chlorination of methane is possible and a mixture of products are obtained. Is flourination and Bromination of methane is possible? 123
why antharacene use hplc calibration 847
hi, i want last 10 years ongc exam recruitment papers for subject in chemistry ,genaralknowladge. 1145
Why a Na lamp is used in a polarimeter ? 880
seminal on pyrimidine 536
what are the checklist need to maintain in API manufacturing area as per USP requirements.......? 1074
how much time require for day to prepare the ongc exam for evarage student? 1278
discuss the diffrent types of chromatography and their uses. In not more than 10 papers oc not less than 8 papers 426
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