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why don't we call POH meter? As we all as PH meter    1  20
why in GC calibration of linearity regression coefficient should not be less than 0.999    1  20
what is accuracy formula with examples?    0  18
what is different when impergnated silica plates are used in separation of azo dyes using column chromatography?    0  16
which effect is mainly responsible for chromatographic separation when silica is the statinary phase at TLC? thanks in advance    0  17
In UV calibration we use Holmium perchlorate solution made in 1.4M perchloric acid The question is that 1.4 M perchloric acid we make is it in water or glacial acetic acid?    0  18
Which of these bonds has the weakest bond energy? hydrogen bond electrovalent bond covalent bond metallic bond    2  65
are there in uv lamb that is chractrestic for wavelenghth 205 nm ?????    0  51
Why use the Omeprazole as a reference standard to estimate the assay of esomeprazole by HPLC method    0  67
NIR wave length range how much    0  55
why we use Dichlorobenzene.nitrobezine.t-butyldi sulhate.for calibration of gc Head space    0  78
Explain about empower software of analysing?    1  90
Why methanol & acetonitrile is mostly used for hplc analysis?    1  124
What is the principle of HPLC?    2  133
how the compound separate in coulunm,explain    0  84
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is silicon chip 409
which gas is used in preaparation of bit salt 673
whenever kf titration is done that time one result is high and second one lower  results what to do. 1662
principle of AAS & its uses ? 1977
uv,ri,pda detactor principles ? 759
What is the formula to determine the concentration of M of a solution given the % transmittance? Use %T = 43.7 as an example. 715
plz tall me that any pharmacopeia and guideline is par meted to use 1.68,4.01,7.00,9.00,12.45 buffer for ph meter calibration 483
Assuming that the density of the solution is the same as the density of water (density of water=1.000g/ml), calculate the mass of water for both reactions using: mass of water = Volume of water Density of water. Mass of water = 609
What can be the supporter of combustion except oxygen. 661
What is the calibration procedure for Malvern MS2000 particle size analyzer and acceptance criteria? 741
What is the accepted microbial load in APIs as per USP.........? 648
why we use 254nm for caffeine analysis as it having maxima at different wavelength? 1087
what is the purge flow & how to calculate 447
What is the principle of HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS,LC QQQ, GC QQQ, LC Q TOF and GC Q TOF. What are the applications and Specificity? 2801
How to synthesize methylene bisthiocyanate using CH2Cl2 and NaSCN? 1055
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