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what is the analytical procedure for COD and BoD    0  2
if you have given a blank water how you analyse by general analytical techniques?    0  3
Why there is no bond with 100% ionic character...??    0  8
Which water can use Hplc analysis    2  21
why salicylic acid not use for dissolution.    0  21
how to calculate the Step and ripple accuracy for pump gradient test for UPLC?    1  26
India is. Under which zone as per QF1.?    0  30
What is the use of Holmium (III) Oxide???    1  32
How can we calculates the solubility of the drug in different medias by injecting in to hplc????(solubility studies)    0  28
how to prepare 10%sulphuric acid from 98% h2so4?    1  33
How to interlude aldehyde group in aromatic compound    0  39
what is the effect of injection volume calculate flow rate in perkin elmer headspace? (ccm parameter in HS)    0  29
what is a placebo peak    0  36
whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation    0  27
What id the resolution factor    0  32
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is difference b/w IR&NIR 1232
what is difference between zero air gas and o2 gas 193
what does 50 denote in dowex 50 ???? 669
what type of question will ask in the interview of lab chemist. 1418
why sre you used Potassium hydrogen phthalate in standarisation of 1N NaOH and 0.1 N Perchloric Acid? 3871
In Karl Fischer titration,What is the situation if the material tested is only soluble in water,and not soluble in the common solvents used such as methanol ?? [e.g. Iron III Hydroxide polymaltose] 720
what parameters we will consider while developing a HPLC method and how we confirm our HPLC method is valid? 1411
what is the importence and role of LCMS and LCMS/MS and their applications? which type of compounds are analysis by lcms? 1338
what is the extinction coefficient for Indomethacin or at 319nm wave length. 1707
What modification is required for the atomic theory in order to explain the existence of isotopes, and modern view of atomic nuclei and electrons? 623
can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects? 350
pharma industries oriented 185
how will you do the prep for unstable componds? 157
what is meant if aluminium sulfate contains 30% basicity? 512
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