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In performance Check of GC Why Hexadecane Peak is Considered     0  3
why we get only one peak in assay by hplc but in rs by hplc get more peaks    0  7
difference between quality and quantity    0  7
wat is the role of michelson interferometer in FTIR and He-Ne lase.detailed answer required in simple language    0  7
How can you prepare 0.1% Phosphate buffer solution?    1  15
various methos to calculate precision in validation methods in HPLC?    0  10
acceptance criteria for lod & loq by standard deviation of response and slope??    0  8
how can you decide API molucule acedic or basic compound by test?    1  19
in hplc calibration injector linearity pass,it means inj and det is good. why to perform detector linearity is it required, if it is required,what is difference between injector and detector linearity in hplc calibration    1  25
What can you contribute to the company?    0  12
why are prepare daily working standard in ft ir    0  19
Why using 0.5% acetone in methanol mobile phase for HPLC Gradient performance check. drl   1  38
How can you prepare 0.05M Ammonium acetate volumetric solution?    2  24
WHY KBr is used in IR Spectroscopy gvk   1  35
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Un-Answered Questions
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why do antimony and bismuth have the same electron affinities? 347
who is minister of railoway 220
How do you explain the different solvent power of water and other organic solvent? 302
How to study genotoxicity of impurities in API? 258
what is stero electronic factor.2 what is steric control factor and what is product control factor 178
what are the role of chemistry education in sustainable development 324
Write the each half cell reaction and also net cell reaction for a cell 528
What are the primary considerations in extractables and Leachables ? 75
when are the result of sbi clerical come 383
How can I develope method of dissolution by HPLC OR UV 153
How to use RF and rrf in Rs calculation( either multiply or divide)? 27
why octanol used to determine the partition coefficient ? 118
During Soundness testing of Cement by Lechatelier method the Cement mould expands about 20 mm when merged in curing water for 24 hours after mould preparation.In that Cement MgO content is about 3.0%,SO3 is about 2.6% & Blaine is about 360 M2/Kg.Guess the reason & suggest solution. 713
why using HCLO4 in potentiometry?. what are the chacterestics of HCLO4. 214
How to determine water content of bis tetrazole amine mono ammonium salt 28
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