Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is lithipone?

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what is redox potential of an organic compound?

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what is saponification of oils?

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How 'salting out' process is used in extraction?

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What are geometrical isomerism? Explain them with an example?

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Mention the factors affecting solubility of compounds?

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NH2-CH2-COOH belongs to what structure?

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what are ligases?which type of reactions they will catalyse?

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what happens when aminoacids react with alcohols?

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what is the difference between coordinate covalent bond and covalent bond?

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what are the 4 classes of unsaturated fatty acids?

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why the atomic weights are in fractions?

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Which is useful in the manufacture of Insectisides?

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The Name Benzene was Proposed By?

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Number of Sigma Bonds Present in Benzene are same as ..?


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Un-Answered Questions { Chemistry }

What is the main difference between ODS1 and ODS2 Hplc column.


what is internal standard define


Why there is no bond with 100% ionic character...??


What precaution u take when doing rs preparing


whether ter weight is require when doing the water standerdisation


What is third generation HPLC Columns?


How will you determine OH of organic compound ?


chlorination of methane is possible and a mixture of products are obtained. Is flourination and Bromination of methane is possible?


which gas is used in preaparation of bit salt


What is the difference between spectro meter and spectro photo meter?


wat is the role of michelson interferometer in FTIR and He-Ne lase.detailed answer required in simple language


why is mgcl used in edta titration


a sample of gas occupies a volume of {450.0 ml}at {740 mm Hg}and[16C]determine the volume of this same sample at [760 mm Hg]and [37c]?


I have compare C2H2-air and C2H2-N2O flame AAS on determination calcium. Both use same range of std to plot calibration curve. (2-6ppm) When i measure the sample with phosphate, KCl and LaCl, C2H2-N2O flame give false positive result, around 0.5ppm. When i measure the sample with phosphste, KCl and EDTA. C2H2-N2O flame also give 0.5ppm false positive. But both above mentioned sample would not give false positive when measured by C2H2-air flame. What is the reason?


How to caluclate %w/v& %w/w ple give examples solids&liquids 10%NAOH W/W 10%W/V- 20%HCL W/W &W/V