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How to craeate the New Database Schema in Oracle and mysql? Please tell me with Example?    0  576
I want to reuse a piece of code inside a stored procedure. This piece of code need to be invoked multiple times inside the procedure based on some different conditions. How to achieve this?    1  1193
1. how do you delete duplicate rows in a table? 2. can you disable and enable primary key? 3. how do you move tables from one tablespace to another tablespace????? genpact   2  2550
how do see how much space is used and free in a tablespace genpact   2  2362
any body know about orawaves do they really provide placements in their unique placement program tcs   1  1524
which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? igate   0  861
What is the dataguard background process?? igate   1  1730
what is rebuild index?? sapient   2  1975
what is the use of home directory??? hp   1  1518
I lost one datafile i dont have backup how can you recover that??? hp   2  1705
i want export 50gb data in datapump it will take 2 hours time to complete that how can u export that tell me script ??? igate   1  2379
one datafile is lost in standy side how can you recover that??    0  579
how can you connect from 10g user to 11g user?? hp   0  485
what is the diffrence between core dba and apps dba? cap-gemini   0  729
how will you see when the database was started using sql prompt? ibm   2  1901
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Un-Answered Questions
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Assuming today is Monday, how would you use the DBMS_JOB package to schedule the execution of a given procedure owned by SCOTT to start Wednesday at 9AM and to run subsequently every other day at 2AM. 565
Which dictionary view(s) would you first look at to understand or get a high-level idea of a given Advanced Replication environment? 439
In oracle 10g export, import if we declare rows=y/n what would be the output? 1314
I have kept recovery catalog on same target database and taken backup of target DB to disk. deleted the target DB & tried to restore and revoer DB using the backup on disk but it is not possible, how do we restore & recover DB 449
In which dictionary table or view would you look to determine at which time a snapshot or MVIEW last successfully refreshed? 1025
How would you best determine why your MVIEW couldn't FAST REFRESH? 745
You create a private database link <link name> and upon connection, fails with: ORA-2085: <Link name> connects to <fully qualified remote db name>. What is the problem? How would you go about resolving this error? 583
What would you do with an "in-doubt" distributed transaction? 387
internal architecture 584
when we login sql editor using username and password then it says this error "could not resolve service name" then what can we do at client side.( here thing is tnsnames.ora file is ok till yesterday and worked well, but now it giving error. 332
Define the SGA and: How you would configure SGA for a mid-sized OLTP environment? What is involved in tuning the SGA? 1955
Can you tell me about your experience with the administration of COTS system..? Also, how do you set up seed data..? 758
Typically, where is the conventional directory structure chosen for Oracle binaries to reside? 829
Query processing is slow(eg select query)how will u solve that 3561
what is the role of dip user in our database? 899
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