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How to craeate the New Database Schema in Oracle and mysql? Please tell me with Example?    0  473
I want to reuse a piece of code inside a stored procedure. This piece of code need to be invoked multiple times inside the procedure based on some different conditions. How to achieve this?    1  1046
1. how do you delete duplicate rows in a table? 2. can you disable and enable primary key? 3. how do you move tables from one tablespace to another tablespace????? genpact   2  2280
how do see how much space is used and free in a tablespace genpact   2  2150
any body know about orawaves do they really provide placements in their unique placement program tcs   1  1394
which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? igate   0  793
What is the dataguard background process?? igate   1  1572
what is rebuild index?? sapient   2  1759
what is the use of home directory??? hp   1  1341
I lost one datafile i dont have backup how can you recover that??? hp   2  1496
i want export 50gb data in datapump it will take 2 hours time to complete that how can u export that tell me script ??? igate   1  2202
one datafile is lost in standy side how can you recover that??    0  506
how can you connect from 10g user to 11g user?? hp   0  432
what is the diffrence between core dba and apps dba? cap-gemini   0  625
how will you see when the database was started using sql prompt? ibm   2  1686
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Un-Answered Questions
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which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? 793
What is the recommended interval at which to run statspack snapshots, and why? 778
Can you tell me about your experience with the administration of COTS system..? Also, how do you set up seed data..? 909
what is the last version,the release date of that version and fix pack of ibm db2 udb? 525
What spfile/init.ora file parameter exists to force the CBO to make the execution path of a given statement use an index, even if the index scan may appear to be calculated as more costly? 971
In oracle 10g export, import if we declare rows=y/n what would be the output? 1271
how do we explain a project in cognos in an interview? please help me. Also how do we perform testing in cognos after creating reports? 1720
Database crashes. Corruption is found scattered among the file system neither of your doing nor of Oracle's. What database recovery options are available? Database is in archive log mode. 595
Claims and Drains are the locks used to control the concurrency between SQL processes and utilities. Referring to the above statement, what is the maximum number of concurrent Claimers for a Subsystem? Choice 1 32 Choice 2 64 Choice 3 128 Choice 4 256 Choice 5 No limit 651
How to bind a cobol module to a given job? I am not able to understand this concept.Can anyone help me out as how to carry out this task? 432
how to restore files with rman? 564
How does propagation differ between Advanced Replication and Snapshot Replication (read-only)? 461
What do the 9i dbms_standard.sql_txt() and dbms_standard.sql_text() procedures do? 556
What are the steps you will take to improve performance of a poor performing query? 1025
I got an error SQL1042C. An unexpected system error occurred. Explanation: A system error occurred. One possible reason for this error is that the database manager is not installed correctly or the environment is not set up correctly. On OS/2, while trying to start the database manager, a very common reason for this error is a corrupted NET.ACC file. The command cannot be processed. The tables and views would not be opened. What is the way to open the dataase? pls help me 2381
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