DB Administration Interview Questions
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As a part of your job, what are the DBCC commands that you commonly use for database maintenance?



What are statistics, under what circumstances they go out of date, how do you update them?


What is RAID and what are different types of RAID configurations?

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What are the steps you will take to improve performance of a poor performing query?


What are the steps you will take, if you are tasked with securing an SQL Server?


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What is a deadlock and what is a live lock? How will you go about resolving deadlocks?

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What is blocking and how would you troubleshoot it?

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Explain CREATE DATABASE syntax?

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How to start SQL Server in minimal configuration mode?

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What are the different ways of moving data or databases between servers and databases in SQL Server?

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Explian different types of BACKUPs avaialabe in SQL Server? Given a particular scenario, how would you go about choosing a backup plan?

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What is database replicaion? What are the different types of replication you can set up in SQL Server?

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How to determine the service pack currently installed on SQL Server?

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Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each?


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You have just had to restore from backup and do not have any control files. How would you go about bringing up this database?

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Typically, where is the conventional directory structure chosen for Oracle binaries to reside?


what is the diffrence between core dba and apps dba?


You have 4 instances running on the same UNIX box. How can you determine which shared memory and semaphores are associated with which instance?


Draft one mock email requesting your non-technical management grant you downtime to (provide justification where applicable) complete the following tasks: (1) Generate statistics on a large table; (2) Generate an RDA – if you don't know what an RDA is please say so. (3) Rename datafiles.


which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me???


Assuming today is Monday, how would you use the DBMS_JOB package to schedule the execution of a given procedure owned by SCOTT to start Wednesday at 9AM and to run subsequently every other day at 2AM.


Query processing is slow(eg select query)how will u solve that


A table is classified as a parent table and you want to drop and re-create it. How would you do this without affecting the children tables?


In oracle 10g export, import if we declare rows=y/n what would be the output?


How would you go about verifying the network name that the local_listener is currently using?


How can you tell how much space is left on a given file system and how much space each of the file system's subdirectories take-up?


Where would you look for errors from the database engine?


I have kept recovery catalog on same target database and taken backup of target DB to disk. deleted the target DB & tried to restore and revoer DB using the backup on disk but it is not possible, how do we restore & recover DB


currently iam working in mnc as a oracleappsdba,please send the EXPERIENCE RESUME those who r worked as a oracle apps dba


Database crashes. Corruption is found scattered among the file system neither of your doing nor of Oracle's. What database recovery options are available? Database is in archive log mode.