MySQL Interview Questions
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What are the different table present in MYsql?

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What is the difference between mysql_fetch_array and mysql_fetch_object?


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How to set the time zone for MySQL to particular country time?


What is the difference between mysql_connect() and mysql_pconnect()?


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How can we store binary data in mysql?


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How can you get your MySQL root password, if you lost it?



How do you start and stop MySQL on Windows?

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How do you start MySQL on Linux?

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Explain the difference between mysql and mysqli interfaces in PHP?


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What?s the default port for MySQL Server?


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What does tee command do in MySQL?

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Can you save your connection settings to a conf file?

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How do you change a password for an existing user via mysqladmin?

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Use mysqldump to create a copy of the database?

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Have you ever used MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser? Describe the tasks you accomplished with these tools?



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what is mysql optimization in brief?


Have you ever used MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser? Describe the tasks you accomplished with these tools?


using primary can we relate two table, with out foreign key?


Please can the SQL code below be interpreted IF @xMatchCriteria='MATCH12' BEGIN IF EXISTS (Select * from #InsightData where (EmailAddress=@xDCPEmailAddress ) ) BEGIN SET @xTestMatchCriteria = @xMatchCriteria; SELECT @xCRMCustomerId=CustomerId, @xCRMDcpCustomerId=DcpCustomerId, @xCRMPortalCustomerID=PortalCustomerID,@xCRMDcpID=DcpID, @xCRMCardNumber=CardNumber, @xCRMEmailAddress=EmailAddress, @xCRMfirtLetterFirstName=firtLetterFirstName, @xCRMLastName=Surname,@xCRMAddressLine1=AddressLine1, @xCRMPostCode=PostCode FROM #InsightData where (EmailAddress=@xDCPEmailAddress ) END ELSE BEGIN SET @xTestMatchCriteria='No'+@xMatchCriteria; END END

126 to fetch a value and Execute store procudure in mysql(INNODB) using phpMyAdmin? 2.can i wright a package in mysql database(INNODB)?


explain GROUPBY & HAVING clause with examples.


HOW TO FIND display the total number of weeks in the year of 1998 IN EMP TABLE


How internally data stores in MyISAM and INNODB table types?


suppose data is copie to oracle to sql by using DTS. Actully it taken 2 hours. suppose some day distribute the server in the middle of 2 hours. after how can i get the data ?


1)for snapshot replication which agents used? 2)for Transcation replication which agents used? 3)for merge replciation which agents used?


Explain the architecture models of SQL Server?


I want to insert userid of a customer,order time,etc in a table called ordermaster with orderid as primary key.Same time the product codes and required quantities (a1,2 and a2 4 and so on)inserted in another table orderdetails with same orderid reference.How the code will be in JSP using MySQL?


all the queries used in sql


What is difference between Sql server and MySql database? It may be silly question but i really dont know.


In a property booking section want a query to check that property is booked from StartDate to EndDate.Booking Table field are given id proerty_id start_date checkout_date no_of_visitor booking date status Waiting yours answer.. Thanks In Advance...