What is the difference between mysql_fetch_array and

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Answer / subrat

mysql_fetch_array ? Fetch a result row as an associative
ARRAY, a numeric array, or both
mysql_fetch_object ? Fetch a result row as an OBJECT

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Answer / sumit

mysql_fetch_object : will return the results from database
as objects. fields will be accessible like an objects
i.e $result->name

mysql_fetch_array : will return the results from database as
array. fields will be accessible like in objects
i.e $result[name]

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Answer / jeevabala

mysql_fetch_array : fetch the result as an array
mysql_fetch_object : fetch the result as a object

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Answer / abhay kumar

mysql_fetch_array display all matching record from table as
an array while mysql_fetch_object dispaly first matching
from table as ab object

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