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All questions related to Control m monitoring tool    0  10
Can u make a synonym for deptno=10 only from emp table.    0  12
What is snapshot is too old? Give and example for better understand.    0  9
What the is the diff between local index and global index. give some example.    0  11
Tab A A B ------ 1 A 2 B 3 C Tab B A B ----- 4 D 5 E 6 F Generate the value into B table from A table. Only table A has the value. Write the SQL query to get B table value.    0  9
How to find locks exists in a table or not?    1  136
write a query that displays every Friday in a year with date?    4  552
how to write a query without using where? Example- select * from employee where empno=10 I need to write this query without where clause.    1  229
HI Friends I m new dev(forms & report). can anyone tell me how we upload a document on form 11g.??    0  96
how to solve cardinality in dbms...many to many ralationships    0  160
user says the db performance is slow or yesterday the query runned 1min and today its taking 30 min. how to trouble shot or were to start with?    1  275
how to restore particular schema from rman full backup?    0  198
Teradata: How can we know the indexed column in a table?    0  195
The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ================ 1 NULL 2 NULL 3 4 NULL 5 6 7 NULL NULL O/P C = 2 4 6    2  607
The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ---------- 1 NULL 7 2 4 NULL NULL 5 NULL 3 NULL NULL    1  389
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Un-Answered Questions
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dear sir please provide what question will be asked in CWE in bank it officer 874
Single File Database: Develop a student record management program, which uses single file as its database. It is not supposed to create additional files at any part of the project and should never rewrite total content. It must be capable of storing 100000's of records. It should support variable length records to be added, deleted, modified, listed. 869
How to define a cusotmer as a supplier in ORACLE R12 720
What is the difference between BPA AND Contract What are documents and test cases u followed 854
what are archived logs? 750
Provide an example of a shell script which logs into SQLPLUS as SYS, determines the current date, changes the date format to include minutes & seconds, issues a drop table command, displays the date again, and finally exits. 516
can anyody please send me the dump for Oracle 10g certifications for DBA path? 643
why should i declare foreign key constraint as self relation instead of binary relation in tables ? 505
how can we add a field to the oracle standard forms through Form Persanlization or custom.pll 623
What view would you use to determine free space in a tablespace? 651
what is the index and synonym. i have the definitions ...can any one give me brief explanation.. with regards, 675
if you ctreate table identity 595
what are the types of LIST REPORTS in cognos8BI? and what is the mean and use of METRIC STUDIO in Cognos 8.3BI? 700
what happened to the global index when I truncate the data in one of the partition? 531
Select all the employees who were hired in last 2 years and who works in dept where max managers are working. 1277
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