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Is it possible to drop a column in a table which contains only one column? How?    1  8
Assuming that you are an End User How to find that in the payment Batch some of the Invoice was ¬†Missing To pay How to find That??    0  28
In Oracle Applications We are Using Sub Ledger Accounting. When we Transfer the Data all modules (AP,AR,CE,FA) to SLA We done Some customizations? What are They??    0  24
In AP we done Customizations for Late Payments Charges. For Reporting Purpose What are the Documents Prepared for Customer Understanding??    0  27
Oracle    0  62
what is scan listener.    0  78
Suppose database is running slow, what will you do?    0  92
Write query to fetch second maximum salary from employee table.    4  1501
Do you know about aggregate functions? What is row num function? Can it be used all databases?    1  575
What are joins, explain all types of joins?    0  404
You loss one datafile and DB is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. You have full database backup of 1 week old and partial backup of this datafile which is just 1 day old. From which backup should you restore this file?    1  790
There are 100 datafiles, numbered from 1 to 100. File number 10 is deleted and it has 500 MB of data. The database is working in archive log mode. How can be the database recovered ? While doing recovery the archive logs applied are from nos 1 to 100, but 50 gets corrupted. What do we do? Can we proceed further? If so how?    0  434
I have 2 tables with 1 million rows each. I have updated 1 row in first and 1 million update on second table. Now I commit both the updates. Which one will commit fast and Why?    0  738
I have a table like this Table Name:Products Productid Price 1 10 1 10 2 20 3 30 3 30 But i want to output like this. productid price 2 20. please replay me.    2  1676
The use of¬†LAST_VALUE() AND FIRST_VALUE() with an example    1  1817
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Un-Answered Questions
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definition of cluster and non-clustered index? 1211
What is a Garbage Collection? and what is full recursive Garbage collection? 1141
What do you mean by Checkbox ? 788
dear sir please provide what question will be asked in bank it officer interview 669
I am using an Oracle 8i Database my data contains Clob data. I am using toad version 7.6 i am able to get the data in toad but unable to extract the data in excel.when trying to extract the data into the excel the toad error says out of memory. Can any body please help me to extract the data through the same toad version. Thanks in advance 677
as a technical developer in oracle applications which type errors feced in your experience sofar 678
Youre getting high busy buffer waits - how can you find whats causing it? 324
Assuming that you are an End User How to find that in the payment Batch some of the Invoice was  Missing To pay How to find That?? 28
I'm need to prepare Month Over Month Sales Growth report. Is there any function available in OBIEE to perform this task. 546
Can you have more than one content canvas view attached with a window ? 571
what are basic modules required to implement oracle application in any oraganisation? 394
What is the recommended interval at which to run statspack snapshots, and why? 1160
what is the difference between data migration and production migration. 524
What are the Features of Forms 6i over 4.5? What are the Features of Forms 10g? What are the Features of Reports 6i? What are the Features of Reports 10g ? 2739
My requirement is like in database some defects are present and i need to clean them.To be brief for example every employee should have active assigments.So for those records which are not having status as active or null ,i need to update the roecords using API with the correct value. Client will provide a flat file for the records whch are defected.So i need to run the API for those records (flat file)and update the data in database. So my question is how to handle this requirement.Is there any existing API for this purpose?If yes then please send me the NAME. How to update the records in the database using flatfile. Any pointer will be appreciated.Thanks in advance. 542
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