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I have 3+ Years experience HR with Technical Recruitment Industry. Now i would like to learn oracle HRMS Models of all aspect. please suggest any one, which institution is best for oracle HRMS practical with real time teaching in Chennai, Tamilnadu. What are the basic stat up to learn Oracle HRMS with Core strongly?    0  5
which institute and which faculty is providing best training for oracle sql, plsql in hyderabad    0  30
i have a question here... As of my knowledge, when we apply an index (b-tree)on a column, internally it arranges the data in b-tree format and do the fetching process correspondingly... and my quetion is... How a bit-map index arranges the data internally when applied on a column?IS it in b-tree format or whatelse?    0  61
What WHERE CURRENT OF clause does in a cursor?    1  124
Can you use a commit statement within a database trigger?    1  114
Difference between NO DATA FOUND and %NOTFOUND?    1  166
Can cursor variables be stored in PL/SQL tables.If yes how. If not why?    1  141
What are various constraints used in SQL?    1  131
Display Odd/ Even number of records?    2  156
How you open and close a cursor variable.Why it is required?    2  126
What is OCI. What are its uses?    1  120
What is the purpose of a cluster?    1  129
What is a OUTER JOIN?    0  66
Difference between an implicit & an explicit cursor.?    1  79
What is difference between Rename and Alias?    1  77
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1. Tell me about your self? 2. Latest Project Introduction? 3. Difference between server jobs and parallel jobs? 4. Seq-Seq Explain its behavior and execution mode and which parallelism technique is used? 5. What is padding characters? 6. Seq-Seq, Seq-Copy-Seq which one is the best and efficient? 7. How many reject links do we have to a transformer? 8. How many reject links to join stage? 9. Difference between join and lookup? 10. How to design PX routine? 11. How can we call job in another job? 12. Difference between batch and sequencer? 13. Which Database is used? 14. What is change capture? Give briefing of that? 15. What is change Code? Explain? 16. How you call UNIX in Ds? 17. How do you call JCL in UNIX? 18. How do you pass the job status of one job to another job? Have designed any job sequencer? 19. How do you find a file in existed directory? 20. How can you call parallel jobs in transformer? 21. Execution of jobs in command line? 22. Tuning of sql queries? 23. What is orchestrating metadata? 24. What are junk dimension? 25. What are the third party tools you are used? 26. What are the system variables you have used? 448
A scenario for amount correction & how to use amount correction functionality in AP invoices 293
If youre unsure in which script a sys or system-owned object is created, but you know its in a script from a specific directory, what UNIX command from that directory structure can you run to find your answer? 526
What is Reduced List of Values? 434
Give two methods you could use to determine what DDL changes have been made. 2738
I am Bsc Computer Science Graduate, I have good knowledge in SQL 7.0, Can I go for Oracle APPS course please suggest me the answer 713
I would like to study certification course in Data base adminidtrator then where would i go to study this course? 501
How would you determine who has added a row to a table? 596
hello to all i want code for like this site "Submit Question" page.please give answers thanks. 431
20. Using a set operator, display the client number of all clients who have never placed an order. 600
How i can handle exception in large code like 1000 line without distrubing the code or without exception handler sction? 1438
How to handle data if f table are more than one and each table contain thousands of entries? 385
key flexfield structure 458
What is a private synonym? 6
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