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How to find locks exists in a table or not?    1  112
write a query that displays every Friday in a year with date?    3  524
how to write a query without using where? Example- select * from employee where empno=10 I need to write this query without where clause.    1  211
HI Friends I m new dev(forms & report). can anyone tell me how we upload a document on form 11g.??    0  88
how to solve cardinality in dbms...many to many ralationships    0  145
user says the db performance is slow or yesterday the query runned 1min and today its taking 30 min. how to trouble shot or were to start with?    1  254
how to restore particular schema from rman full backup?    0  186
Teradata: How can we know the indexed column in a table?    0  184
The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ================ 1 NULL 2 NULL 3 4 NULL 5 6 7 NULL NULL O/P C = 2 4 6    2  583
The table has 3 columns 4 rows. The output is which column has least null values( A COL SHOULD BE THE OUTPUT) Write the query plz. A B C ---------- 1 NULL 7 2 4 NULL NULL 5 NULL 3 NULL NULL    1  373
how to i write the query 'NISHI' TO N I S H I    4  1303
difference between bind variable and variable    1  377
if i am using dml statement in function. then i am writing select statement what was the output    1  482
how to we delete a row using varray    3  506
t1 col1 col2 nishi 5000 lucky 6700 akash 7000 i want that a query that when i insert 7000 it will show me data already present and data will not insert. if data is not present it will insert.    1  324
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Un-Answered Questions
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How would you determine what sessions are connected and what resources they are waiting for? 577
What does ROLLBACK do ? 77
How can we tune a oracle database if log file sync issue comes 676
Can anybody give me link for BOXI R3.1 Key please 1154
hi,dis is Shasi.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out.and iwant one project with explanation please help me... 686
Hey i want to join oracle apps so will you pls tell me that which institute is best in hyderabad. 726
From the database level, how can you tell under which time zone a database is operating? 588
did u p prepared complex report 607
How to clone the database using RMAN back 465
how to use select statement as formal parameter in procedure specification?(someone said that using string) ex:-procedure(a in number,select ename from emp ) i am asking syntax like this? 537
Could u tell me, u work as a support & maintenace when sub ledger and gl is mismatch, then how do u match with the both side/ 661
how to join query for one source type is oracle another source type is sql server ? 867
How to calculate the approximate size of the SGA based on the size of the block,shared_pool,redo_buffer_cache and db_buffer_cache? 1105
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