Oracle Interview Questions
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How to create DSN..Explain?

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What is the difference between SQL, DDL, and DML?

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What are inner join and outer join?

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What are many types of joins are there?

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what are Triggers?


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what are stored procedures?


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what are many types of index's are there and what are they?

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what are views?


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what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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How client makes connection with server in client/server architecture?


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Is Oracle 7.3 is a single user or multi user..Is it possible to use this as a backend for web applications?

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For web applications from which version of Oracle is suitable?

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What are the main diff. between oracle 7.3 and oracle 8i?

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What is Statement Auditing ?

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What are the use of Roles ?

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What is Reduced List of Values?


What is format trigger?


With DTS packaging I can store tables in Excel and convert them back to SQL. But once I copied tables to Excel I want to modify some info. How you do that without editing the Excel file?


How I can load an image into image item on Forms. I want to know about built-ins and procedure. and also code for it.


How can we tune a oracle database if log file sync issue comes


what do u mean by canvases and alerts?


Explain the classification of Database Management System?


how to tune oracle sql queries pls tell me step by step. urgent pls


what are all the conversion and interfaces in GL,AP,AR,HRMS with example? otherwise send send link for these


How to clone the database using RMAN back


Hi this srilatha. I comlpeted my Oracle-hrms. can u provide me interview questions on Core hr, payroll,sshr,OLM etc..


I want to export the data date to date from oracle database then what can i do?


how the Oracle Prepares the Execution Plan and how it chooses the Optimal one?


1)After defining value set we define list of values, I need to enter 1000 values with out entering manually, how will you do that? 2)what are the parameters we use in a concurrent program? 3)what is payroll processing? 4)In organization window after defining an organization and organization classification how to create a new item in the others button? 5)If there are 10 users, How to restrict the selected users not to access the forms?


Single File Database: Develop a student record management program, which uses single file as its database. It is not supposed to create additional files at any part of the project and should never rewrite total content. It must be capable of storing 100000's of records. It should support variable length records to be added, deleted, modified, listed.