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 Categories >> Sciences >> Chemistry >> Analytical Chemistry
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Why pH range is 1-14 nt more than 14???    0  6
How to calculate the signal to noise ratio.    1  30
Who discovered X-ray    2  30
How to fix the sample concentration in related substances development.    2  79
In gas chromatographic analysis sometimes we use headspace, why it is required instead of manually injection?    1  105
what is difference in ods I ods II is this is realy from sorbent / packing characteristics or from other means    0  71
Why pyrene is also use for calibration if detector    0  112
Through assay by hplc(anhydrous basis) product got 100.8% .How much the potency of that product.Moisture content is 1.7%,Sulfated ash is 0.02%,Total impurities are 0.3%    1  398
In Dissolution Test why limit is define Q+5% what is the role of +5%.    0  155
why we measure PH of a solution in PH only why not POH ?    0  227
why we multiply 1000 in the determination of kf factor ?    1  198
class of solvent regarding Residual solvent e.g. Acetone his class    0  84
i want to know about headspace and interview question on headspace    1  415
what are the ideal conditions for coloumn storage    2  462
in gas chromatography what is the difference between gas flow rate and average linear velocity ?    0  181
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Un-Answered Questions
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function of detecter in hplc ,gc and spectroscopy? function of carrier gas in gc? 488
why sre you used Potassium hydrogen phthalate in standarisation of 1N NaOH and 0.1 N Perchloric Acid? 4191
what is the defferance between the potency and working standard 781
what is weight veriation in pharma industry ? plz explain me 472
how to select short coloum and long coloumn for new molecule 385
What is method validation in quality control 1732
what is main use of primary standards in caliration 559
Sulphated Ash incresed it will effect on product yield? 648
what is lod and loq ?,why use k2cr2o7 , kcl h2so4 in uv calibration ?,why use benzophenone & caffene acetone in hplc calibration ?,what is leading peak in hplc ?why we do the calibration of limit of stry light in hplc & uv ? 1059
why 6 tablets use for dissolution 354
I have compare C2H2-air and C2H2-N2O flame AAS on determination calcium. Both use same range of std to plot calibration curve. (2-6ppm) When i measure the sample with phosphate, KCl and LaCl, C2H2-N2O flame give false positive result, around 0.5ppm. When i measure the sample with phosphste, KCl and EDTA. C2H2-N2O flame also give 0.5ppm false positive. But both above mentioned sample would not give false positive when measured by C2H2-air flame. What is the reason? 1181
Why dissolution test is not performed in all of the products 529
in calibration of disintegration test apparatus why cycle limit is 28-32? 5307
How do we quantify crystaline and amarpous forms by using (NMR, XRD)spectroscopic techniques? Which any others instruments are useful for this quantification? explain 628
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