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Can we interpret accuracy from linearity in method validation?    0  4
if out of two set of results of moisture analysis first 1 is passing, second one is failing, is it oos ? or vice a versa first 1 is failing and second one is passing. for information mean value to be reported and in mean value the substance is ppassing, is it oos or normaal mean value to be considered?    0  6
How to calculate mass balance in RS after degradation    0  5
What is cut off value of solvent used in hplc    0  56
Why the ph limit (1_14) Is used?    0  107
Why a1% value is used for some product ? What is the criteria for selection a1% value ?    0  50
Why monograph of hplc coming upperside of drift but in IR monograph coming in drift side?    1  147
Defination of beers_ lamberts law    1  108
what does pH stand for?    2  357
what is dwell volume in HPLC?    1  239
What is the difference between high pressure gradient and low pressure gradient in hplc?    1  251
What is difference between FID and TCD in gas chromatography    1  218
What is the use of ELSD in HPLC?    2  274
if relative response factor is 1.07, to select how much value    1  235
Why we use methanol as solvent in kf standardisation. Why not other solvent?    0  216
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why pyrene is also use for calibration if detector 375
what is the use of tap density apparatus? why we calculate it? what is the difference between the bulk density and tap density? 823
How can we determine Moisture content of HI? 493
from where i get mortar pastle for glass bottle crush? it's required for testing of it? 509
what is difference in ods I ods II is this is realy from sorbent / packing characteristics or from other means 223
what is impurity profile. how to interpret this impurity profile to a drug product or drug substance. 491
In Karl Fischer titration,What is the situation if the material tested is only soluble in water,and not soluble in the common solvents used such as methanol ?? [e.g. Iron III Hydroxide polymaltose] 819
what is the procedure for cleaning of lenses of hatr accesory of ftir instrument? 625
what is the principle of UV Vis spectroscopy, AAS, ICP OES,ICPAES, ICP-MS and FTIR 3643
How can we confirm the HPLC column is end-capped or not? Is it possible to identify by physical appearance? 1144
how to selecet an exact coloumn for an new molecule development by hplc how to select exact salt as buffer for new molecule development by hplc what is the the process to select the mode of saparation of compoundes by hplc what is the use of ph of buffer what is use of buffer,ph,organic phase,ans methods how the molecules get saparated in coloumn, 580
Did anybody have method for acetyl cysteine effervescnce tablet 445
give clarity of linearity and range in method validation 422
can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects? 445
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