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what is lookup ?

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what is the architecture of any Data warehousing project?


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what is the flow?

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How to load time dimension?


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In update strategy target table or flat file which gives more performance ? why?

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How do you create single lookup transformation using multiple tables?


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Why touse stored procedure in ETL Application?

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How to improve the performance of Aggregate transformation?


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What is critical mapping?

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How to call stored Procedure from Workflow monitor in Informatica 7.1 version?


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How to view and Generate Metadata Reports?

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what is difference between COM & DCOM?


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what is the gap analysis?

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?

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what are the different types of transformation available in informatica and what are the mostly used ?


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Implementation methodology


I have done MBA in 2008. i got job as business analyst in 2008 january through consultany. but after 3 months they are giving training Informatica developer. now iam continuing this job. my question is when iam going to interview HR people ask me many times like this " YOU ARE MBA GRADUATE. HOW YOU ARE SELECT THIS POSTION. IAM EXPLAINING WHAT I HAVE MENTION ABOVE". PLEASE TELL HOW IAM TELLING THIS QUESTION ANSWER.


complex mapping ur project u r invlve can u explain and give real time example give me ?


lookup transformation with screenshots


My source is delimited flat file Flat file data is H|Date D1|ravi|bangalore D2|raju|pune T|4 The data will be send to target if the fallowing two conditions satisfied 1.The first row Date column is equal to SYSDATE 2.Last record second port equal to number of records. How to achieve?


what are the fact table & dimensional table in pharmaceutical and hospotal related products???


Differentiate between Load Manager and DTM?


tell me about your project functionality


CANNOT USE PARAMETER FILE! Hi all, I am trying to use parameter file for my workflow. This could help me to filter records where CITY = 'Portland' Following is what I have done: **in Designer - create new parameter : $$PARA_FIL, Parameter, String, IsExprVar=TRUE, Initial value = [empty] - Source Qualifier/ Properties/Source Filter: CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL' **Create Parameter file: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt $$PARA_FIL='Portland' **Configure workflow to use the parameter file: Edit Workflow/Properties/Parameter Filename: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt I also configured directory of parameter file for session task. However, I just got this in the session log: [SQ_CUSTOMERS] SQL Query [SELECT CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMER_ID FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL'] No record has been loaded to target. It seems that the parameter file has not been read. I cannot understand the reason why. Could any of you kindly suggest me anything? Thanks


In which scenario did you used pushdown optimization?


Why can't we connect source qualifier and aggrigator transformation to an expression ? Why they resticted to conncet 2 active trasformations to an passive transformation ?


Lookup transformation, one condition is having SQL override (Empno < 10) and the other condition is Lookup (Sal>1000), which is dynamic. How will u resolve this situation?


Why do you use Mapping Parameter and mapping variable?


how we can load rejected record's at run time?(not through bad files)


How do you implement unconn. Stored proc. In a mapping?