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data task; input id date date9. visit; cards; 101 01jan2015 1 101 02jan2015 2 101 06jan2015 3 102 04jan2015 1 102 07jan2015 2 102 12jan2015 3 103 06jan2015 1 103 13jan2015 2 ; run; write a program to find out missing dates between visits by each subject.    0  126
How many tiers in sas architecture?    1  154
Diff between proc sql merge and join?    1  169
I have a dataset with variables empid and doj how to calculate retirement age?    0  79
In which case u go for libname and in which case u go for proc sql pass thru facilit diff?    0  71
i have multiple .csv files in a unix directory. every file is having variable names as header.even for empty file also. suppose take 3 files a.csv b.csv c.csv a.csv contains data as name;age,salary; raja;34;4000; ravi;33;5000; kumar;25;3000; b.csv contains data as name;age,salary; ajay;40;4500; and c.csv contains name;age,salary; (only headers) Now i want to import and append all these files in to a single dataset. i tried infile statement with *.csv to import all at a time. but i m not getting correct data. please help me . its urgent. thank you in advance    0  91
I Here clinical SAS training by Ramesh Azmeera is good. Is it confirm ?    1  134
/*i have the following dataset.*/ data score; input marks ; datalines; 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 ; run; Now i should get the result as sum of 1 to 5 i.e(10+20+30+40+50)=150 and 2 to 6 i.e(20+30+40+50+60)=200 and 3 to 7 i.e(30+40+50+60+70)=250 and so on. how to get it. thanks in advance    2  476
How does Mr.Lanka Srinivas teach SAS? Are his accomplishments real? What are the future prospects for SAS?    1  273
tell me about use of arrays in sas    1  551
Best trainer in hyderabad for sas banking.if any one have details pls provide contact details.    0  161
Hi, If anyone has base SAS certification dumps, please share.    0  159
6) Explain about below automatic variables a) _N_ b) _ERROR_ c) _CHAR_ d) _NUMERIC_ e) _ALL_ f) FIRST.BY VARIABLE g) LAST.BY VARIABLE h) _NAME_ i) _TYPE_ j) _FREQ_ k) _STAT_ l) _BREAK    1  422
Hi , which book should i refer to for preaparing SAS statistical Exam. Searched a lot on books but still did n't find relevant books    2  729
Can we use where and having clauses in a single SAS program. ex: proc sql;     select a,b,c from test      where state in 'KA'      and having . Is the above program run correctly, if not why ?         4  4417
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what are the considerations when picking a SAS/STAT procedure? 1585
What is your weekness? I am confuse what to say about this question. so can u give some answer which can be yur strenght. 610
how to create the AE dataset by using SDTMIG specifications and SAP plan by using UNIX platform? 1063
Give e an example of.. 721
What are all the problems you faced while validating tables and reports? 1522
How you are maintaining sas programmes in your company...any specific version control software you are using? If so, tell me the name? 445
What is a macro routine? 947
To what type of programms have you used scratch macros? 823
Hi Friends, My name is Priya,am new to this Forum. am looking for SAS Platform Administration Interview Questions.I searched every where but I couldn't find any where.please can anyone help me with the FAQ's. It would be a great favor to me if you can email the Interview Questions to 411
what r the job openings SAS for fresher graduates ! 929
WHAT IS SAS WEB SERVICE and what are the steps to create an xml service ? 1138
what is the Population you used in your project, is it ITT or PP? 943
hi here is a problem can anybody solve this? i want to report the data through third party file. by using data _null_ or proc report or macro automation process. but i want to insert the 'titles and footnotes' in between the data and also starting of 2nd and ending of 2nd and starting of 3rd and ending of the 3rd page. tell me how and write the code? 565
What are the difficulties u faced while doing vital signs table or dataset? 767
Describe the function and utility of the most difficult SAS macro that you have written? 889
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