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I Here clinical SAS training by Ramesh Azmeera is good. Is it confirm ?    1  28
/*i have the following dataset.*/ data score; input marks ; datalines; 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 ; run; Now i should get the result as sum of 1 to 5 i.e(10+20+30+40+50)=150 and 2 to 6 i.e(20+30+40+50+60)=200 and 3 to 7 i.e(30+40+50+60+70)=250 and so on. how to get it. thanks in advance    2  269
How does Mr.Lanka Srinivas teach SAS? Are his accomplishments real? What are the future prospects for SAS?    1  178
tell me about use of arrays in sas    1  400
Best trainer in hyderabad for sas banking.if any one have details pls provide contact details.    0  116
Hi, If anyone has base SAS certification dumps, please share.    0  103
6) Explain about below automatic variables a) _N_ b) _ERROR_ c) _CHAR_ d) _NUMERIC_ e) _ALL_ f) FIRST.BY VARIABLE g) LAST.BY VARIABLE h) _NAME_ i) _TYPE_ j) _FREQ_ k) _STAT_ l) _BREAK    1  244
Hi , which book should i refer to for preaparing SAS statistical Exam. Searched a lot on books but still did n't find relevant books    2  629
Can we use where and having clauses in a single SAS program. ex: proc sql;     select a,b,c from test      where state in 'KA'      and having . Is the above program run correctly, if not why ?         3  4138
Can anyone help me about SAS Realtime scenarios in Clinical field    0  1111
Which is the Best SAS training Institute in Delhi NCR for SAS certification preparation    1  1335
What are the table names in oracle database...?    0  854
how to add distinctly var variable values ex.. Data a; input var; datalines; 0 1 2 3 -1 -2 -3 ; run; adding all +ve value in one varibale n do the same for -ve too cts   3  4202
Is it possible to do sorting tranformation in charecter variable??if can tell me one eg..    0  556
What is the order of evaluation of the following operators + - * / ** () ???    2  779
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what is scheduling and how will u implement it. In scheduling 5 jobs r running if there is an error occured at 3rd job and how will u check and waht necessary steps will u take not to repeat the same mistake 753
Describe a time when you were really stuck on a problem and how you solved it? 900
What is the pound sign used for in the data_null_ ? 878
what type of graphs we will create(for 2+years candidates)? 676
How you are maintaining sas programmes in your company...any specific version control software you are using? If so, tell me the name? 405
Can Some one Explain How the Datasets from SAS can be loaded in to the MVS OS? 745
What is the difference between proportion and average? 1286
hi all, I need the SAS DI DUMP(A00 260) for attending the certification. if any one have, pls provide it.Please Email to Thanks - Ramana 2865
How would you include common or reuse to be processed along with your statements? 763
How we can create SAS USER DEFINED CODE? 410
what is the Population you used in your project, is it ITT or PP? 910
Describe the function and untility of the most difficult SAS macro that you have written. 608
Hi Jeevan/Akshara I have tried to contact SASI Vats for latest Advanced SAS Programming Certification Dumps (A00-212) but have not got any response. I would highly and gratefully appreciate your assistance in this regard. If you guys have access to this, would you be kind enough to forward it to me ? I would abide by all the terms you have for this. Please, note my email id: Preti Sharma 1703
Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specfications? 631
Are you sensitive to code walk-throughs peer review or QC review? 905
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