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create a job to get the previous row salary for the current row.if there is no previous row exists for the current row,then the previous row salary should be displayed as null? empid   salary   previoussalary 10      1000     null 20      2000     1000 30      3000     2000       40      4000     3000    3  28
hi everbody, i have a problem in my project.. Native Error Code: -407 "Assignment of a null value to a not null column"  hi everbody, i have a problem in my project.. Native Error Code: -407 "Assignment of a null value to a not null column" i have no idea, what should i do..please help :(    1  26
I have the following columns in the EMP table Empid,Empname,Sal,month(Sal),year(Sal) and DOB(let us say the dob is 15th-Jan-1981) Desing a job such that the output contains the following empname,year(sal),tot(sal) and current age i.e. whether 18yrs or so on    0  38
Explain the scenarios where sequential file stage runs in parallel?    0  32
tell me 5 situations when we r using oracle db stages like orecle connector, oracle enterprise    0  33
how to call sequential generator in datastage?    0  29
My source having following data as below, AB1 Aim2 Abnv5 1An8bx and my question is i need the Datastage job the following as in my target 000AB1 00Aim2 0Abnv5 1An8bx Please help me to achive this. wipro   3  85
Hi Can any one help regarding below INPUT NAME LOC Ram hyd Ram ban Raj chn Raj Pun Sam del OUPUT NAME LOC Ram Hyd ban Raj chn pun sam del hcl   2  78
how can we generate row values like 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 using col generator plz let me know    1  108
I have a source table with column name CITY having 100 records, I want target table with column name start with 'A' and 'B',remaining columns as reject outputs. how can achieve this by data stage?please help me?????    4  508
Hi friends,Two input files, wants to validate only if the reference data has '0' otherwise no validation should be to do this?? ibm   1  255
Hi Friends, I have a input data like, class_id Marks 101 50 101 60 101 40 102 90 102 35 And i want my output data like class_id Marks Rank 101 50 2 101 60 1 101 40 3 102 90 1 102 35 2 how to do this in datastage? cognizent   7  1144
file1 1 2 3 4 file2 3 4 5 6 output should be in three targets T1 T2 T3 1 3 5 2 4 6 how to do this? can any one help? Thanks cap-gemini   3  982
hi.... am facing typical problem in every interview " I need some critical scenarios faced in real time" plz help me guys    0  174
My input has a unique column-id with the values 10,20, can i get first record in one o/p file,last record in another o/p file and rest of the records in 3rd o/p file? wipro   2  656
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root tree will find which is server job and which is parallel job? 119
Is it possible to implement parallelism in Mainframe Jobs ? If Yes how ? If no why ? 279
I have 3 jobs A,B and C , which are dependent each other. I want to run A & C jobs daily and B job run only on sunday. how can we do it? 251
how to use self join using datastage ? can u tell me using stage how can we implemnet the self join 706 record it will insert but changes of natural key is not present in taget i want to update (here key is composite natural key )can any one help this to explan how to do 229
Explaine the implimentation of scd's in ds indetail, please send me step by step procedure to perform scd's 1,2,3. Please replay for this, Thanks in advance 230
What is the function in Transformer stage can act as Rank Function in oracle 331
In Informatica,for the table I can find coreesponding dependent mappings.Likewise can I find the dependent jobs with all the information by using the table name 571
What are the partitioning techniques available in link partitioner? 102
Explain the situation where you have applied SCD in your project? 98
How to find value from a column in a dataset? 102
Hi, My source is oracle(eno,ename,sal,commision,...), my requirement is like this, if there is a null values in commission col i want to keep it as null,and for the remaining first two characters of the value in my target. Plz help me 184
how to add a new records into source? 157
what is 'reconsideration error' and how can i respond to this error and how to debug this 233
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