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What is the Main difference between Lookup Failure and Lookup Not Met? Plz explain with Example.    1  23
Scenario : I have 2 jobs say job A and Job B with parameters x and y respectively. I need to create a sequence job. If we pass parameter x then Job A should run, If we pass parameter y then Job B should run, if we dont pass any parameter then Both Job A & B should run.    1  566
eno ename 1 qaz 1 wsx 1 edc 2 zxc 2 asd 3 qwe 3 wer 3 tru 4 rgj Output: eno ename count 1 qaz,wsx,edc 3 2 zxc,asd 2 3 qwe,wer,tru 3 4 rgj 1 I want the above output to be solved by DataStage as well and I have to write SQL query for the same output.    1  264
This is UNIX question asked in DataStage Interview. Say I have n numbers of records in a text file. I want first 3 records in 1st file, last three records in 3rd file and remaining n-6 records in 2nd file. (Note: we don't know how many records are there in the File. I am getting one file on daily basis and I want three target files as asked above)    1  205
how to load meta data    0  136
hi i am bhavani, in real time data stage who is the source provide? and how to recevied in developer? Pls send me answer    0  101
A signal has a wavelength of 1 micro min in far can the front of the wave travel during 1000periods?    0  147
client know skid info?    0  244
what is the use of skid in reporting?    0  232
Is possible to create skid in dim,fact tables?    0  178
whom do you report?    0  172
How will you move hashed file from one location to another location?    0  270
In one project how many shared containers are created?    1  549
which unix commands mostly used in datastage    1  756
which dim, fact tables used in bank domain    1  549
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Un-Answered Questions
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Sorce contins the metadata sorce ----- hyderabad,chennai,banglore by using nested loop sequence select sourch as hyderabad in target just run target as hyderabad only not others please give me answer thanks in advance(give reply how to wrote logic using nested loop sequence) 657
explain about citrix scheduling tool in datastage 273
Hi guys, Please design a job for dis requirement with derivation(solution). my source table like dis. emp_no qualification 1 a 1 c 2 a 3 c 3 b To loaded to target like dis emp_no qualification 1 b 2 b 2 c 3 a my requirement is every employer have three qualifications i.e a,b and c. what qualification missed in source table that will be move to target systems. Hope u got it the requirement. Right Thanks. 1250
how to create document in datastage? 1400
Can we use target hash file as a lookup ? 547
how many rows sorted in sort stage by default in server jobs 1799
What is process model? 351
how to read 100 records at a time in source a) hw is it fr metadata Same and b) if metadata is nt same? 554
Which warehouse using in your datawarehouse 571
Hi,can any one please mention list of dimension and fact tables for Sales and Distribution System for a Pharmacutical company. 463
What is the Environment Variable need to Set to TRIM in Project Level?(In transfermer, we TRIM function but I need to impliment this project level using Environment variable) 651
how to find diff between 2 dates without using Icon... funtions? 534
What is developer responsibilities in UAT (user acceptance testing and Post implementation phase? 512
What is Ad-Hoc access? What is the difference between Managed Query and Ad-Hoc access? 1353
How to create a file using vi editor? 2)how to delete a file in vi editor? 3)How to connect the server datastage to unix? what r the command lines we r using? 4)30 jobs r runnig in unix i want to find out my job. how to do this? give me command? 724
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