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I have the following columns in the EMP table Empid,Empname,Sal,month(Sal),year(Sal) and DOB(let us say the dob is 15th-Jan-1981) Desing a job such that the output contains the following empname,year(sal),tot(sal) and current age i.e. whether 18yrs or so on    0  12
Explain the scenarios where sequential file stage runs in parallel?    0  11
tell me 5 situations when we r using oracle db stages like orecle connector, oracle enterprise    0  13
how to call sequential generator in datastage?    0  10
My source having following data as below, AB1 Aim2 Abnv5 1An8bx and my question is i need the Datastage job the following as in my target 000AB1 00Aim2 0Abnv5 1An8bx Please help me to achive this. wipro   2  41
Hi Can any one help regarding below INPUT NAME LOC Ram hyd Ram ban Raj chn Raj Pun Sam del OUPUT NAME LOC Ram Hyd ban Raj chn pun sam del hcl   1  38
how can we generate row values like 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 using col generator plz let me know    1  74
I have a source table with column name CITY having 100 records, I want target table with column name start with 'A' and 'B',remaining columns as reject outputs. how can achieve this by data stage?please help me?????    4  466
Hi friends,Two input files, wants to validate only if the reference data has '0' otherwise no validation should be to do this?? ibm   1  222
Hi Friends, I have a input data like, class_id Marks 101 50 101 60 101 40 102 90 102 35 And i want my output data like class_id Marks Rank 101 50 2 101 60 1 101 40 3 102 90 1 102 35 2 how to do this in datastage? cognizent   7  1083
file1 1 2 3 4 file2 3 4 5 6 output should be in three targets T1 T2 T3 1 3 5 2 4 6 how to do this? can any one help? Thanks cap-gemini   3  935
hi.... am facing typical problem in every interview " I need some critical scenarios faced in real time" plz help me guys    0  159
My input has a unique column-id with the values 10,20, can i get first record in one o/p file,last record in another o/p file and rest of the records in 3rd o/p file? wipro   2  614
what is set mapping in datastage?? adp   1  203
What is the Difference between Change capture stage and Difference Stage ? What are its significance individually ?    1  503
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what are the different type of errors in datastage? 1118
1)s.key generate 1 to 700 records today. tomorrow another 400 will updated how to update the records using s.key generator? 2)source is like :-- DB --> T/F stage1 --> seq1file T/f 1 is linking with T/F2 ---> seq 2 how to load the data? in source i given some conditions those r going in seq1. The another data will going to seq2 how to do this ? 192
how can we create rank using datastage?what is the meaning of rank? 932
what are the devoleper roles in real time? plz tell i am new to datastage.... 178
how to read 100 records at a time in source a) hw is it fr metadata Same and b) if metadata is nt same? 145
Can you filter data in hashed file? 364
I have a few records just I want to store data in to targets cycling way how? 181
what is the use of surogate key in datastage 164
1.i have 5 jobs(1-5),i connect with each other,i want run from 3-5 only how? to schedual the job in datastage7.5 2? what is the deff bet grip and fgrep command? how do you cleanse the data in your project 352
Hi, what is use of Macros,functions and Routines..? At what situation you are used. If you know the answer please explain it. Thanks. 129
how to write server Routine coding? 185
what are .ctl(control files) files ? how the dataset stage have better performance by this files? 308
project Steps,hits, Project level HArd things,Solved methods? 365
i have a small question for datastage, After the desinging (i.e., transformations and loading)part, what we can do? 251
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