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what is difference between scd2 and scd3    2  537
how to find unique records in informatica level ibm   1  704
Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me. is there any certification in Database testing or BI testing or ETL testing international certification? Thanks ArunKumar    0  464
Why joiner transformation does not allow the aggregator transformation and expression transformation to join    2  3550
Which one among Star and snowflake schemas will occupy more space? barclays   1  4450
How to answer the question how many fakt table in your datawarehouse and what size it have? cap-gemini   2  3990
if source contain 10records how you identify header and footer polaris   1  3192
Explain Process flow in data warehouse?? birlasoft   1  1737
Hi, i want to do certification in datawarehouse?? which certification is best in current trend?? pls mention the cost also if u can....    0  729
What is an IDQ file? What is the purpose of the IDQ file and what kindof information does it usualy hold? Can it be imported by informatica?    0  3357
What are the different types of Fatcs? Explain with example only cts   3  5051
Best institute for MS BI training in Hyderabad, India?    4  7780
does anyone "QlikView" BI tool. if you have any docs send me pls.    0  3659
Best Data Ware housing training institute in delhi    3  2423
Data WareHousing course in noida    1  1273
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How do you setup Lo-cockpit? 1585
What is Sequence clustering algorithm? 504
What is difference macros and prompts? 644
Hi, i want to do certification in datawarehouse?? which certification is best in current trend?? pls mention the cost also if u can.... 729
Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports? 942
What are algorithms provided by Microsoft in SQL Server? 563
What is a Decision Tree Algorithm? 1616
What is Discrete and Continuous data in Data mining world? 854
In general, how many Fact & Dimension tables are present in a Banking Data warehouse project ? 701
Can you describe me a problem you faced when you were trying to load data from R3 system and another system outside sap systems? 622
what are confirmed dimension? We alwys give date as a conformed dimension but if it has different format for different contries say YYMMDD for italy and MM-DD-YYYY for france.Then are they not confirmed. 488
Is there any difference in testing database and data ware housing? 919
What is Cognos script editor? 808
What is Analysis Services? 615
What are the different problems that ?Data mining? can solve? 887
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