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How is the Cost of Goods Calculated????


13 Accounting AllOther 11907

Bank Overdraf is an Asset or a liability for a Bank?


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Capital secure should be shown in which side of the balance sheet???


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What is the formula of Debt Equity Ratio? Also define its importance in a firm.


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What is a voucher????

8 Audit 6517

What is an Acrual Interest? In which side of the Balance Sheet, it should be shown????


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What are the source of gaining long-term funds???? What are the limitations of gaining long-term funds???

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What is the Formula of debt equity ratio? Also Define its importance in accountancy.

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What is the difference between P/L A/c and Balance sheet? When an adjustment account is prepared?

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What do you mean by an Inter-state Sale. How does it taken Place in a state????

ICAI, Jai Ambe Enterprises, Mayur Paints, Subtleweigh Electric,

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What is difference between an Insurance and a general Insurance????

Genpact, TATA AIG,

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What is the diferrence between a balance sheet and a capital account????

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What do you mean by the working-capital of an organization??? How is it calculated????? Also Define the importance of liquidity ratio along with its formula.

BA Continnum Solutions,

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What are the matheods of calculating the Head under Salaries U/s 60(c)?????


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What is an Acrual Interest?
In which side of the Balance Sheet, it should be shown????


It should be shown in Assets side of the Balance Sheet....
It is an interest which might be recieved later....

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