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Question { 36775 }

what is mean by extensive testing?


Extensive testing means testing an application thoroughly.

NEED : Envolvement of High Risk In implementation
Amount of testing to be performed on a component/system
will be determined by the risk associated with placing the
software into operation. If the risk is minimal,a decision
may be made not to test. If the risk is high, extensive
testing may be required.

Actor : This is done by testers(independent) because
developers are optimistic in their ability to do defect-
free work and thus underestimate the need of extensive

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Question { 9235 }

we are writing bug report in excel-sheet how you are
sending the report to your concern person. (give me the
detail work from bug found, where you are storing and how
you are sending related to your company)


Hi ! In our organisaton we use Bugzilla. It is a defect
tracking or incident management tool.

The excel format that you are telling is more
effective/suited for review processes.

If you follow the concept then it goes like dat :
1. Since you want to start from the stage after the bug was
discovered. So document that bug.
Documentation includes :
(a) Bug Desc. (One line)
(b) Steps to reproduce it(for developers).
(c) Screenshots
(d) URL(If you are testing in different builds/iterations)
(e) Test case id that failed because of that bug.
(f) Severity and priority of that bug.
(g) mail it to : concerned dev, cc ur Test lead or
reporting head.
(h) Logs(if possible)
(i) Last but not the least : Bug Status(New)

2. After dev. examines that bug, he will change its status
from new to Invalid/Open/Won't fix/Resolved/Fixed and send
back to you.

3. Verify that bug in new build. If it is fixed again
change the status to Verified and closed.

4. Send it to the concerned dev. and don't forget to put ur
lead in cc.

In case that bug is not fixed you can change the status to
reopen and follow the same procedure (Vicious circle :) ).

Note : Bugs are ideally to be closed at the end (Leave them
as verified after confirming the bug fix). Because there
are chances of that bug coming again after other fixes.

Saurabh Garg

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Question { JPMorgan Chase, 18204 }

please give possible testcases for a mobile phone


Possible is the word that shouldn't be associated witht the
test cases. because for almost everythn trhere v=can be n
no. of test cases which solely depends upon the approach.

I am providing you test conditions for Mobile phone, you
can make the test cases easily using them..

1. Physical dimensions of mobile phone.
Length/breadth/width/colour etc. etc..
2. Functioning of buttons properly
3. Dimensions of scree.
4. Battery backup. checkn threshold values.
5. maximum character displayed at a time on the screen
6. time taken by the battery to get fully charged from
discharged(totally) state.
7. Colour supported by mobile(B&W / Coloured)
8. Existence of all the functions specified in the manual
eg. bluetooth/gprs etc.
9. All the Accessories that are specified in tha manual are
present or not.
10. Checking of various ports like HEadphobes/charger/data
cable etc.
11. Defauls storage space provided in the mobile phone fopr
ring tones/phonebook/messages. Yopu can check threshold
values here also.

These are the etst cases that came to my mind when i first
saw the question. As i said earlier there can be a lot

Saurabh garg

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Question { 3441 }

Does we make documentation for all defects?


Yes we make documentation of all the defects irrespective
of the Resolution.
Bugs that are accepted should be dosumented no doubt.
But there might be some bugs that are marked as Won't fix
which means that a problem exists but developers cannot fix
it. This could be extremely helpful in preparing the exit
Also the bugs markes as Duplicate/Invalid... should be
recorded because with the help of these bugs severeal
metrics are prepared that can be used by the management to
evaluate testing process and testers as well.

Saurabh garg

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Question { CTS, 28852 }

what is hotfix?


A hotfix is a software package that are used to solve a
particular problem/bug. One hotfix may be used to address
more than 1 bug. They are similar to patches. This is more
helpful in regression process because they are prepared in
keeping possible side effects into consideration.

Saurabh garg

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Question { 5250 }

Could anybody send me testcase format for website testing?


Test case format does not varies with the type of
application. It solely depends upon the format
specified/accpeted by your client. Similarly there may be n
test case formats for n websites(testing) if they belong to
different clients.

Saurabh garg

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Question { 2716 }

If someone had 2 months experience in manaul testing but
not that much effetive knowledge then what he should do
show experience or not in his C.V.


First he should know to write questions without
defects...... heee hee heee :) lollz

Do not show more than 1 project.
Also make sure that you have done your homework well
regarding that project.

Your role in that project.. Attending KT sessions will add
to that.. :)

And don't worry "2 monce means nothing" this fact will be
very well known to the interviewer.

Preparation of test cases
Manual execution of test cases

For two monce it is more than enough because at least 2
weeks are required to know how to get started out :)
(studying SRS, existing test cases)
And also you can lay stress on any version control or bug
tracking tool you have gone through.

But basic testing terms like test cases,procedure,scenarios
etc. should be more than clear....
I meant working knowledge..

Saurabh garg

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Question { 2968 }

wht is test data,test condition


Test data : data that exists (for example in a database)
before a test is executed, and that affect or is affected
by the component under test.

Test condition : An item or event of a component/system
that could be verified by one or more test cases.Ex
quality,function etc.

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Question { 4515 }

which metrics you collect after testing process?


Use of testing metrics is :

Often encouraged by the organization :(
Ofen discouraged by the testers :)

Because they feel that organization may use these metrics
against them.

There are a no. of metrics collected after a testing
process is over.
Like :

1. Number of remarks(Claims made by tester that application
showed an unexpected behaviour)
2. Number of defects(Remarks accepted by dev. as defects)
3. Defect severity index.(average of the severity of
defects found)
4. Time to find a defect.
5. Test coverage
6. Test case effectiveness
7. Defects/KLOC
8. defect category
9. Residual defect density(estimate of the no. of defects
that may have been unresolved in the product phase)
10. Defect remark ratio
n many more..

Saurabh garg

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Question { First Indian Corporation, 9897 }

What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test
scenario and Test case.


Test scenario :

A set of test cases that ensure that the business process
flows are tested from end to end. They may be independent
tests or a series of tests that follow each other, each
dependent on the output of the previous one. The
terms "test scenario" and "test case" are often used

While test case : A test case validates one or more system
requirements and generates a pass or fail.

One scenario can have one or more than one test cases.

Ex : Scenatio 1 : Send a mail.

Ex : Scenario 2 : Check mails in inbox.

There will be a no. of test cases in both of them.

Saurabh garg

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Question { Syntel, 5190 }

can any one please give bug reporting format of bugzilla ?


You need to have following items with you if you wanna file
a bug in bugzilla

1. URL (If you are following cycles/iteration/build system)
2. One line bug summary
3. Severity (Effect on application)
4. Priority (Urgency of fix)
5. Mail id's of concerned Dev., Lead or other concerned
6. Screenshots (If available)
7. Logs(Information/Test) (Prefferable)
8. Steps to reporoduce that bug..

Do take care of the fact that scrrenshots occupy a lot of
your precious storage space, so use appropriate extensions.
(.jpeg is prefferable)

Saurabh Garg

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Question { Infosys, 2818 }

hi all friends,
i want to know about certification of testing.this is
online exam.tell me the fee of this exam also.
any boday tell me the institute who conduct this in delhi
ncr.& who give some saurity also.

test engineer


If you have UK based clients : Go for ISTQB Foundation
(Aroung 10K)
If US based then go for CSTE...(around Rs. 14K / $ 350)

But CSTE is never easy, some extra effort is required..
ISTQB is comparatively much easier(only MCQ's) and can be
cleared easily if basics of testing are clear.

Saurabh Garg

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Question { CTS, 27664 }

waht is the difference between QTP 8.2 and 9.0 version


There are some cosmetic changes as well...

In QTP 8.2, If you do not select an add-in to load then you
cannot do it in the same session. You have to close QTp and
then login again.

But in QTP 9.0, IF you do not select an add-in you can
select it in the same session via
File->Settings->Prperties tab->Modify button.

This is one of the practical problems I faced while using
the advanced version after older one.

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Question { 11221 }

hi, please anyone write test case for "Print" screen


Hi !
Test donditions :
1. To verify the appearance of print screen when Ctrl+P
hotkey is pressed.
2. Test to verify the layout of Print screen
3. Test ot verify that the default printer is selected.
4. You can write test cases to test the functioning of
(a) different buttons present on the Print screen (Like
Cancel,Properties,Help etc.)
(b) Combo boxes (Like "No. of copies")
(c) Radio buttons (Like "Current page" , "Selection")

But while making test cases make sure that you are nor


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Question { Siemens, 12622 }

Tell me number of test cases required for full statement
and branch coverage:
Read P
Read Q
IF P+Q > 100 THEN
Print “Large”
If P > 50 THEN
Print “P Large”


Since both the conditions are independent of each other :

(1) Branch Coverage :

2 Test cases are required.

1st test case : When P+Q > 100 is True (1st branch)
2nd test case : When p > 50 is True (2nd Branch)

(2) 100 % Statement coverage : Each executable statement
executed atleast once.

Again 2 Test cases are required.

1st test case : When P+Q > 100 is True
2nd test case : When p > 50 is True

(3) Path coverage :

4 Test cases are required because 4 paths are possible.

1st : When P+Q > 100 is true but P>50 is false
2nd : When both "P+Q > 100" and "P>50" are true.
3rd : When both "P+Q > 100" and "P>50" are false.
4th : When P+Q > 100 is false but P>50 is true.

Saurabh Garg

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