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What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test
scenario and Test case.

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What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test scenario and Test case...

Answer / sunny

Test scenario is used to prepare test case or use case.

Test scenario is nothing but how we are approaching the
given problem (or) we can say "no of steps followed to
approach a particular problem"
for example:
if a person goto an atm machine he can withdraw the money
or check the balance amount or see the mini statment or he
can do the some other things.

Test case is a document that says how we are going to test
a particular problem,her we will be having the i/p, o/p,
expected results, status, test case id, etc.... according
to the company rules.

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What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test scenario and Test case...

Answer / softwaretester4u

sunny comments are nice,i am giving little example
for login screen
test scenario:user enter the user name and password click
on submit button getting next screen,
test case:
1.enter username and password click submint(+Ve)\
2.enter invalid data getting proper error or not
3.with out enter user name and password click submit gettin
g proper error

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What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test scenario and Test case...

Answer / saurabh_g

Test scenario :

A set of test cases that ensure that the business process
flows are tested from end to end. They may be independent
tests or a series of tests that follow each other, each
dependent on the output of the previous one. The
terms "test scenario" and "test case" are often used

While test case : A test case validates one or more system
requirements and generates a pass or fail.

One scenario can have one or more than one test cases.

Ex : Scenatio 1 : Send a mail.

Ex : Scenario 2 : Check mails in inbox.

There will be a no. of test cases in both of them.

Saurabh garg

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What is Test scenario and what's the relation between Test scenario and Test case...

Answer / mudit

First of all meaning of Scenario:
A scenario is an account or synopsis of a projected course
of action, events or situations. Scenario development is
used in policy planning, organizational development and,
generally, when organizations wish to test strategies
against uncertain future developments.

--> On the basis of this i suggest that Test Scenerio is to
project how the application respond when we create the
scenerio to test ; whether from sql script or so & how the
application respond when we perform certain query or task

--> But first of all we prepare Test cases ; in order to
get the result of application inculdes LINK, CONTROLS,

EG: LIKE WE have to test a page include fields " USER NAME"

-Test case for that is :( which is writtenly based on test
plan )
+ To Test alphabats in User name
+ To Test numerical in User name

Now what is not written in Test plan is Scenerio's which u
hav to make u r own at most of the time of execution or
some time at the time of writing test case although
possibilities of creating Scenerio at the time of Writing
test cases is nil.

SCENARIO ( at the time of Execution )of above mention will
be :

Test whether any crash arrive when we enter values in
Username fields & click OK button WITHOUT ENTERING



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