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Adhoc testing is a testing approach; it is the least formal
testing approach

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without follow the test cases.

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Ad hoc testing is concern with the Application Testing
without following any rules or test cases. For Ad hoc
testing one should have strong knowledge about the

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Ad hoc testing is a subset of Monkey testing.In this no
formal test cases are used,it is being done due to lack of
the time. No testing approach is being used in this.

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Adhoc testing : without test data r any documents
performing testing.

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Adhoc Testing : Testing the application by tester who is
having minimum knowledge of application that
his approach would be different to usual,there is chances
of discovering uncovered bugs

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AdHoc means doing something which is not planned.

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Adhoc testing has advantage as well as disadvantage for
every project

advantage: we check the application randomly so we reduce
time consuming

Disadvantage: we will check the application randomly so we
miss some activities. so there is chance of bugs i that

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adhoc is unstructured and inconsistent level of testing.

Reply / kiran

Ad - Hoc testing: This testing is done by developer or
tester by excecuting the sample log of the application.This
testing done to familarise with application and understand
the application.

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Due to lack of time, resources and budget..,the Testing
Team is not able to conduct optimal they are
conducting testing on main activities of that build only.

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if no proper documents are provided to testing team
then they try to understands the requirements then
continuos the testing without any proper methodology

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Ad Hoc Testing:- The testing without using any test cases
is called Ad Hoc this testing tester's attitude
should be "Test to Break".It should test all the major
functionality it's called Ad Hoc Testing.
Thank You.

Reply / annom.

Ad hoc testing is a subset of blackbox testing

Reply / deepak

Adhoc Testing is an unstructured testing that is performed
without Planning and Documentation.