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Reply / roopesh

End to End testing is also called system testing. Done by
Senior test engineers or Test lead.

Reply / hemakumar jm

end to end testing is nothing but system testing..testing
the application starting from scratch to the end after
integrated all the modules.....

Reply / ravichandranath

end to end testing or inter system testing :
example : E-seva

Reply / jyothi

end to end testing is nothing but inter system testing. if
our application should share the data with other similar
applications ,testing whether it is coordinating properly
with other applications is called end to end testing

Reply / narender reddy

Test the application from one end to another end at a time
is called End to End testing generally it is conducted
before closing the testing
This test is conducted to validate the flow of data between
And know the behavior of the application
This is also part of the system testing

Reply / aditya

E2E is done after system integration testing as a
successfull SIT is the entry criteria to start off with E2E.

E2E is almost like UAT with an exception that it is done by
testers.Here we test the full flow for every business
rules. A tester would give an input and straight away see
the output. Generally a defect encountered in E2E is tough
to fix as one would not know what caused it.Setting all the
business rules appropriately and evaluating a system is
nothing but E2E.

Reply / vijay

After Unit testing start to User Acceptance testing is done
this is End To End Testing.

Reply / kiran

To check wether our application bulid is coexstence with
other application bulid or not.
For ex we are using front end screen in java script and
back end screen in sql, our apllication build will support

Reply / k.bharath

To validate one Application resources are using another
application resources or not.

Example:Hotel Software,e-seva

Reply / ravinder

it is inter system testing or interoparablity testing
To check our software coexistanece
with other software and share comon resourses or not
example banking

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Reply / sujoy

A comprehensive type of testing that covers all stages in a
testing process from start to release of the product.

Reply / sunil ray

End to end testing means from the staring point to end
point of testing of one s/w build. all the user interface
testing,functional testing & non-functional testing is
comes under this end to end testing.

Reply / sm

End-to-end testing is the process of testing transactions or
business level products as they pass right through the
computer systems. Thus this generally ensures that all
aspects of the business are supported by the systems under test.


Reply / hima7

it is a type of testing in which one will perform testing
on the end to end scenarios of the application

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Reply / saswati

Testing a complete application environment in a situation
that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a
database, using network communications, or interacting with
other hardware, applications, or systems if appropriate