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why nlogn is the lower limit of any sort algorithm?

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void main() { char ch; for(ch=0;ch<=127;ch++) printf(ā€œ%c %d \nā€œ, ch, ch); }

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main() { int c[ ]={2.8,3.4,4,6.7,5}; int j,*p=c,*q=c; for(j=0;j<5;j++) { printf(" %d ",*c); ++q; } for(j=0;j<5;j++){ printf(" %d ",*p); ++p; } }

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Write a program to print a square of size 5 by using the character S.

6 Answers   Microsoft,

main() { int i=5,j=6,z; printf("%d",i+++j); }

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I need your help, i need a Turbo C code for this problem.. hope u'll help me guys.? Your program will have a 3x3 array. The user will input the sum of each row and each column. Then the user will input 3 values and store them anywhere, or any location or index, temporarily in the array. Your program will supply the remaining six (6) values and determine the exact location of each value in the array. Example: Input: Sum of row 1: 6 Sum of row 2: 15 Sum of row 3: 24 Sum of column 1: 12 Sum of column 2: 15 Sum of column 3: 18 Value 1: 3 Value 2: 5 Value 3: 6 Output: Sum of Row 1 2 3 6 4 5 6 15 7 8 9 24 Sum of Column 12 15 18 Note: Your program will not necessary sort the walues in the array Thanks..

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main() { int i = 0xff ; printf("\n%d", i<<2); } a. 4 b. 512 c. 1020 d. 1024

2 Answers   HCL,

#include<stdio.h> main() { char s[]={'a','b','c','\n','c','\0'}; char *p,*str,*str1; p=&s[3]; str=p; str1=s; printf("%d",++*p + ++*str1-32); }

2 Answers   CNSI,

Is the following code legal? typedef struct a aType; struct a { int x; aType *b; };

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main() { if (!(1&&0)) { printf("OK I am done."); } else { printf("OK I am gone."); } } a. OK I am done b. OK I am gone c. compile error d. none of the above

3 Answers   HCL,

code of a program in c language that ask a number and print its decremented and incremented number.. sample output: input number : 3 321123

1 Answers   HCL,

1) int i=5; j=i++ + i++ + i++; printf("%d",j);This code gives the answer 15.But if we replace the value of the j then anser is different?why? 2)int i=5; printf("%d",i++ + i++ + i++); this givs 18.

8 Answers   IBPS, Infosys, TCS,

Design an implement of the inputs functions for event mode

0 Answers   Wipro,