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In order to comply with the matching principle, adjustment
entries are made at the preparation of ----------

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What function within asset accounting allow mass processing?( any 2 answer) • Mass asset changes • Mass asset retirements ( abavn) • Mass asset acquisition ( abzon) • Mass deletion of active assets with net book value zero.

0 Answers   IBM,


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What do you mean by "Goods in Transit:

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explain accounting concepts

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what is the procedure to charge depreciation under provision method? please pass the journal entres showing provision method of depreciation.

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wages posted twice what is the entry for that?

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Straight line method to using Indian company names

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what is Accrual ?

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How to calculate bank's turnover?

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cash book ruals

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When we are using the DEPB licence for duty adjustment 100 %, there is no cash payment to customs. If i am a trader and registered with excise, Can we avail the modvat credit and pass on to customers?

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