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Can you tell some body how to test a situation that to sell
a share if it reaches 30(present value is 25) and the time
limit is 120 days. Every day the market starts from 10 A.M
to 3 P.M. it may execute any time with in the time period.
Pls tell me the answer.

Can you tell some body how to test a situation that to sell a share if it reaches 30(present value ..

Answer / raj

I am assuming that the tester has access to backend of the
first the user can test the scenario by executing it
(without the share reaching its sale value ie. 30).
Then the user can set the value of the share in the backend
of the system. Once the value is set refresh the page &
verify whether the share is sold or not.

Also, the user could test the boundary values like setting
the share value price to 29.999 & 31.001.

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