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What is the relevant range and why is it important to a
full understanding of the behaviour of costs?

What is the relevant range and why is it important to a full understanding of the behaviour of cos..

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the cost is a total sell goods or services

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i am new to Tally ERP 9. i have a problem facing the negative stock balances for few items. now i want to know, how do i write-off/adjust in Tally and make them NULL/Zero as at 31/12/2011, so that they don;t appear as 'negative' as the opening bal. from 1/1/2012..i have used the physical stock entry screen for the differences stock items. but for those item whose balances is simply Negative appearing from previous years for may be several reasons, how to deal with those? thanks in advance for any help..

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explain the difference between LIFO and FIFO?

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What steps to be taken at the time of implementation of Oracle ERP and please give the chart of accounts and links to be given

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closing stock at the end is comprised of %a purchase price of $60000,10% discount and 15% import duty.The stock can be sold for $70000 after incurring costs of $1950.Included in the purchase price is abnormal wastage of $2000.Transportation costs are $1000 and storage costs are $500,what is the value of the closing stock?

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Break-even analysis

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How to treat the provision for bad debts which appeared on the credit side of the P&L A/c?

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who are a account

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you purchase a machinary on a loan what is the joury entry for that and where will you show the the loan amount in balance sheet and show the ledger account?

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