The LCM of two positive nos is 168 and their product is 504.
what is the difference in their squares?
A. 175 B.216 C.9 D.135

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Answer / aashima

Hi All,
The ans of this question 135.

it means 3 will come in both the numbers as 3 is coming
once in LCM but coming as 9 in product.

so possible numbers are 24 and 21.
so diff of products is 24*24-21*21=135

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Answer / prasun bose

let the numbers be a and b
so by question---ab=504 the product
and LCM= ab/common factor=168
so common factor=ab/168 =504/168 =3
factors of LCM 168=2,2,2,3,7
so taking 3 on both side,we have
2,2,2and3 is one nunber and the other is
3,and 7 . so the numbers are 24 and 21
now the difference of the square of these nunbers
is a2-b2=(a+b)(a-b)=(24+21)(24-21)=45(3)=135
thus the answer is D

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Answer / jagdish


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Answer / sumit sourabh


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Answer / raguldeeban


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Answer / venukumar bn


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Answer / harsha

LCM * HCF=product of 2 numbers(a*b)
HCF will be 3.
therefore 504 is product of 2 numbers which are multiples of 3..
find out those 2 numbers which are multiples of 3 and their product is 504.
504=24*21...i.e., a=24 ,b =21
difference between products=(24*24)-(21*21)=576-441=135.

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Answer / siva

Answer 4 is absolutely correct

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Answer / n.mohamed gibereel


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Answer / guest


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