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whats wrong with your current job?

whats wrong with your current job?..

Answer / kashif

i am looking for more experience and learning.

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Please understand me.....will there be any age criteria in software - testing? now i am 37.i have completed Msc (elec).i got experience in marketing,one year in call center.can i try for s/w testing? please suggest.i am very mech interested in testing and i have good knowledge in testing also.....please suggest.

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why human resourse?

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valuation of share is it base of the company reputation

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why do you want to join an ngo

4 Answers   Oxfam,

what exactly will be group1 interview

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Financial service/instrument ??

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when was the EAST INDIAN ASSOCIATION founded?

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how recession in america is affecting our economy?

0 Answers   Bank of Baroda,

Describe two incidents that drastically changed your approach to life?

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Women want liberation. What kind of liberation? From Whom or From What?

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Recently i got a mail from a firm called ssiengg through Naukri. It had an attachment in it. It was a Job selection order in word document. I went through the whole letter in which it was said that i was provisionally selected for a job in their firm. It was the first ever selection letter i have received yet. So i was surprised and happy. But later i thought of searching in google about that. I later came to know that they are fake.Is it true. They have provided D.D in favour of----- and phone numbers...How they are cheating us?

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what is difference b/w shadow copy and backup

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