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How can i check all the button that are enabled in a
widnows based application ? What script should i write for
this ?

How can i check all the button that are enabled in a widnows based application ? What script sho..

Answer / jay prakash

Try this... i am writing for "Flight Reservation" sample
application. You can coustomize for your own requirements.

'''''''''''''''''SCRIPT STARTS HERE'''''''''''''''''''''''''

Dim i, j, iRes
j=0: iRes=1
Window("Flight Reservation").Activate
Set oDesc = Description.Create
oDesc("Class Name").value="WinButton"
Set oChild = Window("Flight Reservation").ChildObjects
iCount = oChild.count

For i = 1 to iCount

strBtnStatus = Window("Flight
Reservation").WinButton("Class Name:=
WinButton", "index:="&j).GetROProperty("enabled")
j = j+1

If strBtnStatus="False" Then
iRes = 0
Exit For
End If


If iRes=1 Then
MsgBox ("All buttons are enabled")
MsgBox ("All buttons are not enabled")
End If

Set oDesc = Nothing
Set oChild = Nothing

''''''''''''''''SCRIPT ENDS HERE''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Please let me know if it satisfies your requirement.

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