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How do you start automating/ writing your QTP scripts ?

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How do you start automating/ writing your QTP scripts ?..

Answer / jay prakash

We start writing the scripts by creating the object
repositries first.

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How do you start automating/ writing your QTP scripts ?..

Answer / varshitha

Can you say me how can we know which script have to write in QTP?
I mean what functions we use for writing vb script inQTP?

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How do you start automating/ writing your QTP scripts ?..

Answer / alex

first you need to create the test case i mean, you need to
write the script after you have to test manually the flow,
you need to check what kind of object you will use for the
script, i mean if you will user web, oracle, asap, etc and
install the add ins of course if it is necesary. You have
to create the repository. when you are ready then you can
start with the automation.

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