How to run scripts 1,29,3,5,7,2 scripts using test batch
runner in QTP....
Ie...I wanted to run scripts not in an order
1,2,3,4, that
How it is possible using test batch runner...
I dont want hardcoded script

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why don’t use real time they r not using check points

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Hi, Can anyone write the following qtp script...please its urgent ·Navigate to Google in a new IE instance ·Search for the following word "Gap, Inc." ·Iterate thought the first 10 pages of google ·On each page collect the following ·The "blue" page title ·The "green" url ·Output all the data into a file named "test_output.txt" ·Format "Title – URL"

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QTP 1.What type of bugs u commonly find in u r project? 2.what is agile testing explain with example? 3.application is given req n functionality r missing then how can u start testing? 4.what r the types of defect tracking tools? 5.what is functionality testing? 6.what is change req how u use it? 7.diff bet gul n functional testing? 8.test cases for IE 6.0? 9.where do u store test cases? 10.what r design objects in qtp? 11.what r 5 types of objects in qtp? to change .mtr to .tsr n vice versa? which situations qtp will not recoznize objects? to call .vbs fuctions, library files in qtp? 15.if 10 windows r ope write command to close all windows in qtp? 16from what stage u start automation in u r project? 17.what is VSS? it is usedin automationr manual? 18.size of object repository? to conduct GUI testing n performance testing on MS-Word? what r performance TEST CASES? 20. use of virtual objects explain? to connect buzilla with qtp? 22. what is API ? to merge 2 object repositories in qtp? 24.what is recovery scenario manager? 25. diff bet link n hyper link? 26.diff bet test case n test case scenario? 27.what is relational testing? 28.where do we write test cases? 29.what is base line in testing? 30.what r key process areas(KPA) in u r company? 31.what is hot fix? 32.what is sql injection? 33.what is valnerability? 34.what is TOM in qtp? 35.can we do qtp testing with out creating objects in object repository? can we completely write code in expert view only? 36.where we cant do automation testig? give example using OR is a advantage r a disadvantage?

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how do u handle an object with out name in our application using QTP 9.2?

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what is a file system object in QTP

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How to use actions in qtp ?

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Can anyone please tell me how to select next 5th business date from calendar using QTP/UFT ?

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describe some problems that u had with automating testing tool?

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In QTP where i have to concentrate more in the Interview point of View

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what the difference between shared repository and per action repository?

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How can we disable smart identification at the time of recording? Ideally, smart identification should be enabled only at the run-time.

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In QTP for .net application which plug in is used? For Java Application which plug in is used ?

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