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Short Answer on __________Leverage

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What Will Be The Journal Entry In Case Of Credit Note In The Books Of The Sender?

1 Answers  

total capital stock

0 Answers   FactSet Systems,

How do we treat grants that are received in advance of the period when they are to be spent?

3 Answers  

i want to deregistar my sms banking at axis bank

1 Answers   Axis Bank,

what is the difference between cash flow and profit and loss account?

7 Answers  

I work in a semi govt society. We purchased a flag for celebrating independence day in office premises . Plz tell me under what head / ledger of exp it comes

0 Answers  


0 Answers  

Let me know the chronological order to reach final accounts begining with Journalisation

3 Answers  

Expand C S T

6 Answers  

Who will be called as distributor

1 Answers  

what is difference between private firm and partnership firm?

1 Answers   Allianz, Don Bosco,

Basic difference between CENVAT AND CST ?

2 Answers