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what are athe accounting principles?

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what are athe accounting principles?..

Answer / aditya srivastava


Debit the receiver.
Credit the giver.


Debit wat comes in.
Credit wat goes out.


Debit all expenses and losses.
Credit all incomes and gains.

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what are athe accounting principles?..

Answer / hr sreepada bhagi

The question is about Accounting Principles and not about
Debit-Credit rules for the three types of accounts mentioned

principles of Accounting refers to the basic or fundamental
concepts & conventions for recording the transactions and
reporting. These Principles are broadly divided in to A)
Concepts & B)Conventions.

A few examples of Accounting Concepts are - 1.Business
Entity, 2.Accounting Period, 3.Money Measurement, 4.Accrual
(Matching), 5.Materiality, etc. and Conventions like
1.Consistency, 2.Consistency, etc. (This list is incomplete
& without explanation)

For detailed knowledge, refer Book on Accounting Principles
or Fundamentals of Accounting or Advanced Accountancy

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what are athe accounting principles?..

Answer / sudhansu

basic principies of accounting are
1.revenue recognition principle
2.historical cost principle
3.matching principle
4.full discloser principle
5.objectivity principle

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what are athe accounting principles?..

Answer / moin

There are 3 types of accounting principles.

Debit the Receiver
Credit the Giver

debit what goes out
Credit what comes in

Debit all expenses and losses
Credit all gains and incomes

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