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what are ur strenght sand weaknesses?

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what are ur strenght sand weaknesses?..

Answer /

As far as strengths are concerned , I believe I am Hard-
working and punctual,which are anyways pre-requisites of
any professional firm for my weakness,I would admit that I
am a bit emotional and get carried away easily.

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what are ur strenght sand weaknesses?..

Answer / mitch

my strenghts are my honesty, positive thingking, loyalty,
and most specialy being patient... i did not called
it "weaknesses" because weakness means vulnerability, i do
not consider myself vulnerable.. if their is something i do
not know, i make sure to ask someone who know it and how to
do it...

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what are ur strenght sand weaknesses?..

Answer / nizz

my strength are my honesty, positive thinking, loyalty,
and my most specialty being patient.and my weakness is
getting emotional if some one say anything wrong about me!

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what are ur strenght sand weaknesses?..

Answer / siddharth singh

my strengths are my honesty, positive thinking and loyalty
and my weakness is when i am working on any topic i don't
know the what time is going on this habit often give me some
negative effect on my health.

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