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Tell me about yourself?

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Tell me about yourself?..

Answer / vinod panchal

hi good morning sir,

first of all, i would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity

my name is vinod kr. and i am from hisar, haryana

about my qualification, i completed my from XYZ in may,2011 and completed my schooling from my home town

about my family background, my father is a ex-service man and he is just retired from Army and mother is a domestic engineer and i have two younger sister

about my work experience is concern, i used to teach in a primary school for one year, later i was involved in my family business and currently looking for a job

my hobbies are playing cricket, listening music and riding on bikes with friend when a i get spare time

i am optimistic, quick learner and a team player and always keen to learn new things

so thats all about me


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Tell me about yourself?..

Answer / sriiiiiiiiiiii

myself i'sriiiiiiiiii, i completed diploma in priting
technology, and currently pursuing B.E in Mechanical
engineering in correspondance from Osmania University,
regarding my family My Father is an agriculturist and
Mother is house wife....., i hv one elder brother and elder
sister, sister got married, brother is working as an
account for X company,

My self I hv supportive kind of nature and i'm able to
maintain a better coordination with co-worker and able to
maintain good working environment in organisation......
this is all about my self

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Tell me about yourself?..

Answer / js

well, asking about myself, im josephine graduated from
different courses/schools. im working as a data encoder for
almost 7 years but in diffrent companies. I handled
computer tutorial lessons both minor and adult. im a single
parents right now and have two kids, since i dont have
husband already i am the only one who supported my family.
im a hardworking too, dedicated to my work and flexible at
all times. during my past worked, our customer became more
bigger and our compnay impoves more success.

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Tell me about yourself?..

Answer / uttam roy

My name is Uttam Roy I am very interested this job because
it's very experience grow or develop myself my attitude and
will be changed my attitude so I'm very interested thanks

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